Gale Harold Set to Be in New Film ‘Rehab’

Carlo Rota (who played Gardner Vance on QAF) posted some very exciting info.

“Gale Harold on Rehab. A fun days work! Rehab is an very interesting independent film being shot here in LA. Gale is the lead and doing a great job. Mine was a fun cameo! Its a psycho-thriller about a doctor with a God complex. Gale is excellent as the doctor. Rehab is directed by Rick Bieber. I am not aware of any release details. Looks exciting though.”

Here is a brief summary of Rehab.

“When a controversial psychiatrist organizes a retreat for patients suffering from dissociative personality disorders, the resulting week-long rehabilitation program reveals a devious agenda that is far more dangerous than their violent psychoses.”

Gale Harold Online


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One response to “Gale Harold Set to Be in New Film ‘Rehab’”

  1. stadynoelle says :

    yum yum yum

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