Gale Harold As a Vampire? Imagine That….

I was searching the interwebs, as usual, and came across a thread about Gale Harold and his appeal in the world of vampires.

Could he do it?

Would he even want to?

I have heard said that Gale thinks a job is a job.


more rambling after the jump!

We all know the success of what working as a vampire has done for an actor’s career. Just look at what Twilight has done for that cutie Robert Pattinson….


My question of the day is this….

Can we see Gale playing a vampire?


Imagine that.


Sexy clothing.

Deady smile.

Licking your neck…

Sinking his fangs in some unsuspecting volunteer victim …

The Vampire Gale? Ummm, yes please!


Poll Time!

Devotee Out.



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One response to “Gale Harold As a Vampire? Imagine That….”

  1. carry says :

    i’m pretty shure that last week i read something somewhere (on livejournal probablly) about him being turnd down (or the possibility being rejected) of him playing new charachter in vampire diaries next season or something but he was ”too old”, what a shame that some people can’t see beauty right in front of them.
    love your website by the way


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