Amazing Gale Harold Wallpapers!

see more wallpapers after the jump!



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Blog dedicated and addicted to Gale Morgan Harold III. Sharing news, photos, and information.

2 responses to “Amazing Gale Harold Wallpapers!”

  1. Pat Loomis says :

    I have never understood why someone would post their fandom-related stuff on a place like WordPress when that’s exactly what Live Journal excels in. Plus, you’d have tons of friends there and all kinds of communities about QAF, Gale, etc. It just seems silly that you’d be here.

    • galedevotee says :

      The answer is simply that there is a big world out there, the more Gale’s fans are spread out the better to spread to new fans such as myself. I have nothing against other communities who have a solid foundation of fans. I simple choose to do this here at WP. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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