Brian Kinney Likes His Fruit- An Ode To The Apple

*On my journey through the world of Queer As Folk, I’ve discovered that Brian is all over the apple. I mean …. really. There are so many scenes with him eating, cutting, and tossing that apple. Oh the apple. How did you get so lucky as to be the fruit of choice?

*This is one of my FAVORITE MOMENTS of Brian and Justin. I always tear up at this scene and Gale (in a towel) is so nonchalantly sexy. Gale (in a towel) cutting and eating his obsession (in a towel) with a knife no less.  I have drool coming out of the side of my mouth and tears on my face. That takes talent folks. *le sigh*



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One response to “Brian Kinney Likes His Fruit- An Ode To The Apple”

  1. Andie1391 says :

    who the hell doesn’t get inspired after watching that man..! i’ll definetely start doing i never did after watching that man and the plus… in a towel… eating with a knife that can’t be more sexy.!

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