2010: Oh What a Year It Was- Orpheus Descending Reviews Updated

Frantic Redhead Productions’ presentation of Tennessee Williams’ Orpheus Descending is a prime example of Los Angeles theater at its finest. A big-name trio of leading players with serious theatrical credits and training, a gifted director with an inspired concept, and one of the finest design teams in town have combined forces to make one of Williams’ lesser known dramas not only a surefire hit but the first major artistic success of 2010 as well.
Steven Stanley – StageSceneLA

Gale Harold does a great guitar guy. On his face, in his manner, a lost soul. He’s never gonna make it.

The matchless dramatic poetry of Tennessee Williams elevates “Orpheus Descending,” which gets its sprawling due at Theatre/Theater. This dark 1957 riff on the Orpheus myth receives a spare, evocative rendition by documentary filmmaker Lou Pepe, his capable company brilliantly spearheaded by Gale Harold and Denise Crosby as the tragic central pair.
David C. Nichols – LA Times


He has also cast it well, with Harold, Crosby and Mason making the most of the range of emotions they’re given. They play all the intended sexual tensions and the supporting cast of townsfolk, hypocritical and vicious as Williams believed them to be (…)

Dale Reynolds – Stagehappenings


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