LA Talk Radio Queer as Folk Mini Reunion 2011- FULL Transcription

Not shown: Michelle Clunie and Peter Paige

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The Sheena Metal Experience

Mini Queer as Folk Reunion January 11, 2011

Full Transcription

Sheena: A very special show all this hour.  Thought up by my good friend Scott Lowell, who’s returning to the show.  Scott, come and say hi!

Scott: Hi! How are you? It’s good to see you again, Sheena.  I’m on the phone with Sharon Gless.  She’s trying to figure out how to get through to you.

Sheena: Sharon we are gonna pick up sweetie.  It’s all good!

Scott: She’s gonna pick you up in just a second. You stay on there.

Sheena: We’re doing a reunion for the ten year anniversary of one of the most innovative and cool shows on TV’s Showtime’s Queer as Folk, and we have almost the whole cast with us today.  Of course Scott who played Ted, Thea Gill is here, Michelle Clunie is with me in studio.  And everybody else is gonna be on the phone so we’re are getting everybody in. Hang tight, and it’s so great to have you here welcome to The Sheena Metal Experience.

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Michelle and Thea: Thank you!

Scott: Thank you Sheena

Sheena: Ok.  Uh, Michelle let’s start with you.  Because Scott is busy trying to get everybody on the phone.  Give us a little background on you and where you came from and as an actor and how you wound up with Queer as Folk.

Michelle: Oh boy!  Um, I didn’t know I’d be first. Where did I come from?  I hail from Portland, Oregon.  I moved to Los Angelas at a young age to follow my dream and my agent sent me the script for Queer as Folk and I read it and of course on page like 66 or 70 it said, “I don’t care what men think about their dicks.” and I thought “Wow I wanna play this part! This is interesting.  You don’t see that every day,” and it was great and that’s how it came into my life.

Sheena: Did you have any idea, Michelle, the impact that it was gonna end up making on the world?

Michelle: I don’t think any of us did. I think it was just a really cool script. It was a great and new idea and that it was about the lives of these characters who happen to be gay but that was secondary to the fact that they were just living their lives as everyone else. Loving and living and following dreams and getting their heart broken and in that respect it was revolutionary and I don’t think any of us had any idea. We were just making a show.  We were more interested in making a good show. And I think that you know that the fact that when we went to New York for the first time we were shocked at the response and the people screaming and wanting autographs that because we were shocked I don’t think we had any clue, really.

Sheena: Yeah.  I agree.  I mean I think that and you will always be these people forever no matter what you go on do as an actor.  You will still always have this. And that’s awesome!

Scott: Oh my God. Oh my God.

Michelle: A piece of it.  A piece of it.

Sheena: Not good Scott?

Scott:  Yes. (Laughter)

Michelle: I think you carry characters with you.

Scott: No. Of course it’s a good thing!

Sheena:  Well when you affect the world with a role.

Scott: But.  Yeah, people keep wanting to give me psychiatric help though and that’s not good.

Michelle:  No people keep wanting to hug you because you are so cute.

Scott:  Oh that’s true.

Sheena: Getting you into rehab.

Scott:  Exactly!

Sheena: Thea, how about you? What’s your background as an actor and how did you wind up with this.

Thea:  I’m from Vancouver, Canada.

Sheena:  Come a little closer to the mic for me.

Thea: Oh, ok! I’m…

Sheena: Canadians are shy.

Thea: Yes, yes.  And I was in Toronto when I auditioned for the role Lindsay in Queer as Folk.  It was just one of those trans-formative experiences, you know?  I was flown to LA and the greatest event of one of the greatest events of my life happened.  I’m very proud of the show and very proud of everyone I’ve worked with.  I think it is revolutionary and I think it’s changed a lot of peoples lives and I’m very greatful for to have been a part of it.

Sheena: And Scott, just for my listeners.

Scott: Yes.

Sheena:  I know they’ve heard you before on the show, but give us a quick run down how you wound up with it.

Scott: I similarly had moved to Los Angelas about two years before the show started and was just hitting the auditioning trails and things were starting to get going here.  There was one day I was sent a script for a movie about firemen and I was sent the script for Queer as Folk. I decided I had a better shot at getting cast in Queer as Folk than getting cast as a fireman.

Sheena: (Laughter)

Scott: So I did not go to the fireman audition and I went to the Queer as Folk audition and even though Ted was originally was described in the script as being chubby and balding as well.  I’m not quite there yet but I just understood the guy so well and I just loved the script.  I just went in, and I don’t know, and i think they didn’t have a clear definition of this character.  So, I went in and showed my own neurosis to them and they seemed to respond and they said, “Yeah!  That’s the sad sap we’re looking for,”  and that was that!

Sheena: (Laughter)  You know it’s a show with a lot of gay characters when you’re the ugly one. Cuz you’re a nice looking man!

Scott: Well thank you very much.  I appreciate it.

Sheena: And I know I’ve said this last time but in high school you would have been my boyfriend.

Scott: Well,  thank you!

Sheena: You would have been the one I went after.

Scott: I would have been honored!

Sheena: Because you are kinda like had that like wounded puppy thing.

Scott: Yes!

Michelle: Scott’s hot!!!!

Scott: Aw come on!

Sheena: But he is thought!  Really is. Yeah.

Scott:  This is why I brought the girls into the studio for just this reason.


Sheena: Ok so we’ve got people on the phone.

Scott: Yes. Now Peter Paige was trying to call.  He said he’s disconnected from you.  I’m gonna have him call you back right now.

Sheena: Please!

Scott: Ok.

Sheena: I love Peter Paige.  I’m almost stalking him.

Scott: (laughter) Yay!

Sheena: And Michelle, I loved you in ‘Leaving Barstow’.

Michelle: Aww. That was directed by Peter Paige.

Sheena:  Oh my God.  What a fantastic film!

Michelle: Thank you! Well…

Sheena: It stay with me for like a week, afterwords.

Michelle: Aww. Oh God.  That’s so sweet.

Sheena: So wonderful.

Michelle:  Well I was directed by Peter Paige who is phenomenal.  He’s not only a great friend but a great director and a great actor and he was just.. he was on ‘The Closer’.

Sheena:  He was great on ‘The Closer’.

Scott: Yeah he was great.

Michelle: Yeah ‘The Closer’…

Thea: Did you say closer?

Michelle: I’m thinking about play it closer.

Scott: He was very Hannibal Lector-y.

Sheena: Yeah! He was.

Michelle: He was. He was brilliant. Brilliant. I love him. Love him.

Sheena: Okay, so we have on the phone, of course, Gale Harold, who portrayed the Sheena Metal Experience, whom I love. And also the wonderful Sharon Gless and Robert Gant is with me as well. Welcome to all of you for being here.

Sharon: Thank you!

Robert: Thank you.

Sharon: Can you hear me?

Sheena: I can hear you all! Okay I’m going to ask you what I asked all the peeps in the studio. Let’s start with you Sharon. You already have an enormous career and done television and film and you are a wonder actress in theater. what about this roll really grabbed you?

Sharon: I thought when I read it, this was the sexiest thing I’ve ever read. Not that my scenes were sexy. It was so stunning I had to be apart of it. And I loved the role of Debbie and I can do something with this part. So I called Showtime and someone sneaked it to me in Chicago. And I called Showtime and I knew the assist to Jerry, who is head of Showtime. I said I want this part what do i have to do. She said let me talk to Jerry. Jerry said I liked the idea, you can bring a little class to the party. You tell Jerry that class was not what I had in mind!


Sheena: Sharon, did you have any idea at the time that you were going to become the poster child for PFlag Moms for perhaps an eternity?

Sharon: No. I had no idea that would be the reaction to my character although I’ve loved the response ever since. But I knew this would be a very important piece and nothing like this had been done before in television. In fact when I went to meet the producers I asked are you gonna shoot what I just read? Because sometimes , you know, they write scripts to get the money up. That isn’t necessarily what they shoot, you know what I’m saying?

Sheena: Yeah!

Sharon: I said are you gonna shoot what I just read and they said every frame and I said well then send me in coach cause I’ve got to be apart of this one!

Sheena: That is awesome!

Sharon: Yeah!


Sheena: And now Gale are you with me?

Gale: I am. Can you hear me?

Scott: Yeah.

Sheena: Yeah. It’s so nice to have you on…

Sharon: Hi Gale!

Gale: Hello.

Sheena: So nice to talk to you again.

Scott: Hi Gale!

Gale: Hello.

Michelle: Hi Gale!

Gale: Hello!

Robert: Hi Gale.

Gale: Hello!

Thea: Hi Gale!

Gale: Hello!  Last hello!

(Robert cracks up)


Sheena: Last time Gale was here we talked about Greek theater for an hour and Greek tragedy. So ….

Scott: Oh, yeah.

Sheena: We didn’t even hardly talked about Queer As Folk. Gale, what was it about this role that made you want to do it? Cause I think that certainly you have felt the effects of this role, I mean, people have been emailing me about you for three days so what was it about it that made you really want to do it? Cause you’re a very complex actor and it was a very complex part.

Gale: Ummm I was … (laughs) I think.. just listening to Sharon there for a second actually I share something with her. And forgive me Sharon if I’m misinterpreting what you said but there’s something about uh …I think what kind of got to me was the dare of it, you know? Is this really gonna happen? And if it is would I be able to do… able to do … able to do .. able, able, able …. I’m gonna say that word about five times …


Sheena: I love it!

Gale: …able to actually pull that off? And that’s not a pun either. But um …


Gale: I think really that’s part of it? And Sharon if I’m getting it wrong please tell me. There’s something about um …there’s a little bit a.. a little bit of terror in trying to imagine myself not only being able to not only to do the physical acrobatics involved but also believe he was .. I was that character. And I had seen the original and it kinda blew my mind. And that was long before I knew they were going to make adaptations of us.

Sheena: Right, the British version.

Gale: Yeah, yep. Yeah.

Sharon: And you’re not wrong. That’s how I felt.

Sheena: Did you have any idea, Gale, how it would kind of change your life? In some good ways and some kind of weird ways that you would become an icon?

Gale: No, I really … I mean I really …for being someone who’s over thinking things I totally missed the clues that were coming down the line. I didn’t .. I didn’t see it coming at all. And actually umm  … it kind of … it was a little bit shocking, you know? It had .. I don’t know how the other guys you know, Michelle, Thea, Scott, Robert, and Sharon kind of withdraw away when you have that sort of  a reaction. It’s so .. umm.. it’s great to have a really positive reaction or any kind of reaction that’s got that sort of  um.. (inaudible) to it but It kind of makes ya…  you know ..(laughs) try to grab your bearings for a second, you know?

Scott: Hmm.

Sheena: Yeah, I can imagine. You can kind of withdraw like Elvis. Because you can’t go anywhere and not be swarmed.

Gale: Oh my God.


Sheena: Well and you’re kind of a … kind of a  thinker and kind of a…  but you’re not a showy guy when you were in here last time with Denise Crosby, we had a wonderful talk. we talked all about theater and you have a great love for the craft. But you’re not like the Hey, how are you doing? I’m going to show up at every red carpet and show off kind of guy. You’re kind of a mellow guy.

Gale: Uhh, yeah that kind of creeps me out but … that’s not my trick.



Sheena: And Peter has joined us. Peter Paige. Hi Peter!

Sharon: Hi Peter!

Peter: Hi guys!

Sheena: We were just talking about how great you were on The Closer and how you kind of played a great … asshole.

Peter: Oh, I missed it!

Scott: The new Hannibal Lector.

Sheena: Yeah, I think you should have your own show where you just kill for sport.


Peter: I think that’s filled with Michael C. Hall unfortunately.


Scott: Awww, that’s true.

Sheena: Well he kind of kills for a different reason. I think you should just kill for sport!


Sheena: Peter I’m such a fan and I think you’re such an amazing director. why don’t you tell us a little bit about where you came from as an actor and how you wound up on Queer As Folk.

Peter: Oh, I was like a sleeper boy and started working regionals and finally moved to LA. I’d been here about three years guest starring on stuff , doing a lot of sitcoms mostly and umm.. one day a casting director grabbed me at the gym and said umm Showtime just bought the rights to a British show called Queer As Folk. If I were you I’d make a phone call. And ..

Sheena: Wow.

Scott: And that was different from your usual grabs you get at the gym.

Sheena: Clocked at the gym!

Peter: Well the gym is the center of all things entertainment. I mean let’s face it. And all things gay so …


Peter: The meshing of those two actions so .. um .. and I was auditioning. I was in the first round of auditions right before or after Scott Lowell. Shortly somewhere near when Hal Sparks was going in and we sent Sharon in for her meeting, she was lost. We found her.


Peter: (inaudible) And that was it. Although, this might not be as widely known and I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but Emment was originally supposed to be black. And so when we screen tested, which is when you do your final auditions in front of all the executives of the network and the president of the network, he didn’t even look at me. He like didn’t even watch my audition because I was the only not black guy there. And then when the auditions ended, the guy said well we want Peter and he was like “Which one was Peter?”


Peter: … and then he was like “No! You can’t have him.” And so I had to come back and do it again.


Sheena: Peter was the pigmentally challenged person of color.

Scott: Yes.

Peter: I got soul baby! I’m not a solider but I’ve got soul.

Sheena: Robert Gant is with us as well.

Robert: Hey, how are ya doing?

Sheena: Wonderful! How did you … how did you come to this place?

Robert: Umm, first of all I just want to say it is .. my favorite thing in the world is to hear these people’s voices I gotta tell ya.

Sheena: Yeah. It’s great.

Robert: It’s just like family just walked through the door. The most amazing thing.

Michelle in the background: God, I’m already crying.

Robert: I uh … I came out here, I was from Tampa. I kind of actually was  like on a law track very briefly, left it and started doing the acting thing, and was bouncing around doing mostly  sitcom stuff. And of course, I came on … the show was already a big hit. These guys had been busting their asses for the first season. And kind of  was the talk of the town. i remember an actor friend saying to me at one time that you’ll just… I was saying how I wasn’t going to get that part. I just want to get the right thing. He said, you know  the right one all of a sudden will come across your desk, it will all line up. I remember getting the facts information on this role and just the description was such that I completely had that moment where it was kind of scary, sort of terrifying because I was so largely closeted as an actor, yet I had the feeling that there … that I had never read a role more right for me or like my role. So I went through a very long drawn out process. They had had some issues with the guy who had gone before. They were really careful about umm … replacing … you know finding Michael’s next partner and so I can’t …I had to go in four or five times auditioning here in Los Angeles. And I finally actually … uh .. you know they said that I was their pick but they weren’t sure. And so I finally .. I did what I had never done before. I wrote a long  and sort of impassioned letter to let them know what it meant to me. And then the next day or two they said …you know .. they called and said I have good news and bad news. You’re good to go meet the part but you don’t have it yet.

(Scott makes a compassionate noise)

Robert: You pack as if you’re gonna … in case you get it. So they flew me to Toronto I didn’t know if I had it or not. I had to meet them, meet with Hal and uh umm.. yeah. So I went and it was amazing.

Sheena: One of the things I loved, Scott, when you came on the show the first time was when you told me how you guys really did become a real family. And that you are still very close and a real family.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah.

Sheena: It’s been years! I mean that’s really important, right? I think our tribes in this town are one of the most important things about being here.

Michelle: Tribes, yeah!

Scott: Yeah.

Sheena: And to form a tribe that you can rely on, the friends that you can call that is still strong 10 years later that all of you are still in 10 years later. I think that’s totally beautiful and I think that’s one of the things that makes the… what’s gone after the show has been canceled so special to fans is that you are.

Scott: I agree. It keeps going. It’s not something, you know, any of us can fake I don’t think. We’re not that good of actors. And …


Sharon: Well wait a minute!

(more laughter)

Scott: Well, Sharon ..

Michelle: Sharon Gless. Sharon was nominated for another Emmy.

Scott: The multi- Emmy award winning Sharon Gless!

Michelle: Sharon Emmy Gless…


Scott: She despises us all in real life and she deems to give us her presence.

Sharon: Oh god … (laughing)

Sheena: She stepped on Scott’s head to get on my internet radio show. I know what’s she’s like!

Scott: Exactly!

Michelle: I really feel as though Scott though is the glue that kind of .. like holds everyone together.

Sheena: Yeah ..

Scott: Awwww.

Michelle: I mean you know, I think everyone, you know, plays their part but Scott really um.. there’s something about him .. He just holds it together. For me anyway.

Scott: Thank you.

Michelle: I don’t know you … You bring us together a lot.

Scott: Thank you.

Peter: Yeah, definitely Scott is scheduling you as a cruise director.

Michelle: Yeah, he brought us together today. He brought us together today.

Sheena: And so quickly! He just had an idea. and this was all Scott’s idea for everybody listening. Scott was gonna come hang out with me again to celebrate my two year anniversary month. And he put this whole thing together. And you guys all did it! Which just blew me away that you took time out of your schedule!

Michelle: Scott is one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. He kind of restores your faith! (laughing)

Scott: I’m blushing. I’m blushing through the airwaves.


Scott: But it’s also, I mean, but it’s also, you know, what made the show unique and something that again just bled through with the show that we were a family and we were able to push each other and do things on the show that I don’t think would have been quite as successful had we not been the family we were.

Sheena: Right.

Scott: And you can see it. I mean, or maybe I can or maybe people who are, you know, are actors who’ve been on other shows. When you watch shows and you can tell the cast doesn’t really get along ..

Sheena: Sure!


Scott: You can kind of feel it. There is something there that is kind of dry about it. And … we were moist.

Michelle: We were wet.

(noises of disgust in the background)

Peter: Wow! Gross, that’s disgusting Scott!

Scott: Sorry Peter!

Peter: We were all plucked out of our lives. Thea was the only one living in Canada at the time. The rest of us were all sort of grabbed from New York or LA, given a week or two to pack up our lives and plopped in Toronto to shoot the series so we were really dependent on each other that first season.

Scott: Oh, yeah.

Peter: We needed each other to survive. And I think that paid extraordinary dividends. And then we went through 9/11 together.

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: We were shooting, remember? We were shooting.

Sharon: I remember that!

Michelle: Yeah!

Scott: Yep, I do too. I do too.

Michelle: Wow … I remember that day so clearly.

Sharon: I remember that day so well. Wasn’t it your apartment Scott where everyone got together?

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: Yep ..

Sharon: Such a sad shocking day. We were all away from home. And um… remember I went to the Red Cross to try to give blood and they turned me down?

Scott: Right. Well cause you drink so much.


Sharon: They have you .. (inaudible) there was the whole cast …

Scott: Yeah..

Sharon: All just huddled together.

Michelle: Yeah, and we lived through um …. Do you remember the night that Bush stole the election? Or .. er ..


Michelle: Umm, well, maybe I shouldn’t say anything too inflammatory.


Sheena: Well Michelle tell us what you really think!


Michelle: Well I mean that night … I just remember that night so clearly because the next day was my birthday falls and my birthday always falls around election time. And I remember Thea, and I don’t know there was a cake involved …and I just remember that next day it was such a huge event in American history where our country shifted. And you thought ” Oh! That can happen?”

Scott: Yeah ..

Michelle: Umm and we lived through that together. And we lived through so many breakups. I remember, I think, all of us almost lost all of our relationships that year because of the demands of being on the road and all of that.

Sheena: As an actor do you feel the effects of doing this show where the world is changing with you on the show? The show was addressing a lot of political issues as our country was going through a lot. Do you realize that you are doing that? And that people are watching your show sort of to see well what Queer As Folk gonna have? How are they going handle this, how are they going to handle gay marriage, how are they going to handle this issue .. ?

Scott: Yeah .. well honestly …

(Michelle and Scott talking over each other inaudible)

Scott: I was gonna say and that people on the phone chime in too, but I feel we were ahead of the curve on a lot of stuff.

Michelle: Yeah, Dan and Ron were really …I mean you have to credit them because I think we were bringing up gay marriage at a time when people weren’t talking about it.

Sheena: Yeah, right. It was a joke at the time that everybody go to Canada.

Michelle: Oh yeah! … exactly.

Scott: And crystal meth addiction stuff. All that stuff was a little bit ahead of the curve somehow they were able to do that. Do you guys agree over there in phone land?

(silence) (I’m laughing myself at this point)

Sheena: Peter do you think that …

Sharon: I was just sitting here thinking .. when I’m really involved in a series I don’t know what’s going on outside.


Sheena: Right.

Sharon:  I don’t! I’m like totally involved in doing a story.

Scott: Well again that’s because you drink so much!

(Sharon laughs)

Sharon: Yeah!


Michelle: You know what’s interesting we did. I remember four years later when Kerry was running for president we got together and we went across the country campaigning and it did … there was for me there was something special when politics and art collide. There’s a special feeling in the air. Always for me on the show that we were doing something more than television …. that we were trying to really … I don’t know…

Sheena: I agree!

Michelle: To create a revolution but of peace, you know? Of love … of acceptance. I just remember times of when like we wrote that letter to the president of Showtime (laughing) where .. did you and Peter author it of something?

Scott: Yeah ..

Michelle: And we didn’t want our frame changed.

Scott: Peter and I were the secretaries.

Michelle: Yeah, you were the secretaries!

Peter: We wrote a letter?! When did we write a letter??

Michelle: Peter remember we wanted to make sure they were going to change and water down the sex scenes? And we wanted to make sure that they didn’t water it down.

Scott: Yes, …

Peter: We wrote a letter about this?!?!

(Sheena laughing)

Scott: Yeah, we did …

Michelle: Yes! I have it on file. I’m the historian of the group.

Scott: We had heard tell that early on before the show started airing that uh… that Showtime had made a decision to go through the ratings board to get a rating for the show because at this point and time I don’t think any … you know … anything above an R-rated show could be broadcast. And they felt like if we would get rated we would get rated NC-17 or X with some of the things we were doing on the show.

Sheena: And they would put you on at like two in the morning.

Scott: Yes. Exactly.

Michelle: Exactly.

Scott: And we found out there was … and we were very upset by  this that they would go to the ratings board and they would say you can’t put this show on the air, or it’s NC-17, or an X, or whatever. And so we wrote this very upset letter to the president of Showtime saying that we, you know, we put literally our asses out there. We would be very upset if this were to happen. And what it turned out to be was that they were .. um … they wanted to show the members of their board and other people like that. Cause the ratings board came back and said that this is a terrific show and yes it was NC-17, if you make any cuts in this you will ruin the integrity of the show don’t do it. And so they put it on the air without a rating and just did the mature rating on it.

Michelle: But we were ready to fight for it.

Scott: Yeah, we were ready to fight for it.

Michelle:  And I think for me it was always the spirit of the group .. I don’t know about you guys, but when we all met and Thea threw this beautiful like welcoming party in Toronto cause she had this home there .. this beautiful home and she invited us all into it. We were all getting to know each other. And I remember that night so clearly, it’s like meeting all of your soul mates all at once. And not having sex but metaphysically having sex? (laughing)


Peter: Which you remembered so clearly!

(everyone cracks up laughing)

Michelle: It’s kind of like here’s a large group of people who are you know people who are your soul mates and kindred spirits, you are all kind of rebels and want  want to do things that no one else or  .. that everyone else is afraid to do ..and so that was special.

Thea: Yeah, I remember that when we were doing the shoot for TIME magazine and you know ..Macy Gray was playing … you know …


Scott: I know.

Sheena: But I mean honestly don’t you think … and all of you are very talented and wonderful actors and let me say that, and I meet a lot of actors, part of what made the show special was that there was no weak link you were all so good. But also, sometimes I think as actors we come into the point that we kind of step into our universal purpose that’s more than just playing roles it’s also affecting the world and  being a citizen of the universe, and writing a letter  when you think that something shouldn’t be cut, or campaigning for a candidate, or coming out and speaking. And that makes you even … you know it almost trumps the creativity. I mean It doesn’t really, but it’s a whole different ball of wax.

Scott: Yeah, I ….

Robert: It’s made life afterward an interesting fitting. It’s really hard to compare when you get to do something you love and the lines with the notion that is impact in the world. I mean how do you follow that up? It’s really tough tough to find that sort of scenario.

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah, it’s a hard act to follow.

Michelle: Yeah … yeah.

Sheena: Well and the fact that you are all are kind of spiritual soul mates makes it extra extra special ….

Sharon: We are!

Michelle: Absolutely.

Sheena: It make the project extra special. And I think like you said the audience can feel that, Scott, people can tell when hate each other.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah. I can absolutely see it. I mean maybe it’s just with the experience but when I watch things I can just kind of tell ….

Sharon: Name names!


Scott: Well …

Michelle: Mrs. McCarthy .. name names.

Scott: Have you seen that show Burn Notice on the USA?

(loud laughter)

Sheena: That’s a great show!

Scott: That’s a great show .. they are all wonderful.

Sharon: Thank you.

Sheena: But you kind of can, I mean!

Scott: Yeah.

Sheena:  Sometimes after  when you see the E! True Hollywood Story you go back and watch the show from 40 years ago and  your like oh! I  can kind of see the they….

Scott: Sure! Absolutely!

Sheena: Are kind of staring at each other …

Scott: You could see that Chachi really didn’t love Joanie.

(loud laughter)

Sheena: Great Scott!  Now my whole day is ruined! For real??

Michelle: Her bubble’s burst.

Sheena: Great.

Sharon: I think also because we all were  from another country except for Thea, but I mean we were always from home. I remember when I got my first apartment, I got it the year after you guys did, and Peter took me to go buy my furniture and that was a bonding. You guys came over and played cards and ummm …

Scott: And we bonded. Yeah. And we bought Gale …helped Gale buy his bed. (THUD- that’s Devotee not Scott)

Sharon: Because I wasn’t stripping down the paid me to keep my clothes on. So I did.

Scott: Yeah, awww….

Sheena: That’s a shame though.

Peter: (sing songing) Not season four. Noooooot Season fooooooour!

(loud laughing)

Peter: I remember seeing some skin in season fooooour!

(more loud laughing)

Sheena: But you guys are all ballsy actors! I mean to do those kinds of sex scenes we had never scene before.

Sharon: Always daring.

Sheena: To be the first always takes guts.

Gale: Balls ..

Peter: (funny accent) Ballsy!

(Robert’s cracking up then they all do)

Michelle: I think it’s fun. It’s fun!

(everyone still laughing loudly)

Michelle: But that’s me, I mean, I read scripts man …

Sheena: Michelle’s a Scorpio and that’s why she took the role.

Michelle: No, I read scripts and everyone thinks that they’re trying to be so racy … and I’m like, Jesus, is this how far you are gonna take it? I mean …

Sharon: Oh, I know .. (laughs)

Michelle: I mean it’s like Peter and Sharon and everyone else is saying it’s like, Robert, it’s like after Queer As Folk  it’s kind of like what do you do? (laughs)

Sheena: Play a nun!

Michelle: Yeah… Exactly!

Sharon: I did a sitcom you guys know that never saw the light of day right after our show and I was waiting to go on. You know how it is in front of a live audience. And the wardrobe person came over and said “Are you cold, honey?” and I said, “No, why?” she says “Well your nipples are up and would you mind putting these on?” and I said “Are you kidding?!”

Sheena: They made you put on a nipple patch Sharon?

Sharon: A nipple cover up! Yeah! Yeah. I said “Are you kidding?!” I said, “I was on a show for six years where one of these was in someone’s mouth!”

(thunderous laughter)

Sheena: Did you say … ?

Michelle: I think that was actually Thea’s breast that was in my mouth. Thea’s breast was in my mouth the first day I shot.

Sheena: That’s a good first day though!

(talking over Peter inaudible what he says)

Scott: Yeah, exactly!


Sheena: What?

Peter: Michelle Clunie would turn her headlights on with every take!

Michelle: I was turning the lights on? What?

Sheena: No, he said that you turn your headlights on …

Scott: Your nipples are hard or something…

Michelle: Oh yeah! Absolutely! I would slip my nipples to kind of …  because a lot of … look. I don’t have big breast.

Scott: It’s art people!

Michelle: But when my nipples are erect it’s just really … just …

Scott: Powerful.

Sheena: Advantage …( slow mo)

Michelle: It’s great so that … (inaudible because of laughter)

Sharon: You guys, I’ve got to go. It’s 9:30 here and I have a husband that’s ready to have dinner. I’m in Miami so …

Scott: Awww .. Dang.. Thank you Deb Gless!

Sheena: Thank you so much for being with us Sharon.

(everyone saying bye (lots of inaudible))

Peter: I love you!

Scott: We love you Sharon!

Sharon: Thank you, Sheena. I love you guys!

Scott: Love you Deb!

(Robert inaudible)

Sheena: Thank you Sharon (Michelle talking over inaudible) come and see me again. I would love that!

Michelle: Talking about sex though ..


Michelle: I do want to kind of tie this in some ..

Sheena: Yeah, thought you might!

(Robert laughing)

Michelle: I think that if America has more sex we would have fewer problems.

Sheena: Well, we’re a country, right Michelle?, based on violence and not sex.

Michelle: Yeah.

Scott: Yeah.

Sheena: Very prudish about sex.

Michelle: You know it’s interesting, I did this interview the other day and the guys says to me (deep voice) “What was it like making out with a woman?” Now this is a young man …

Sheena: He didn’t know? Oh no. He was gay.

Michelle: A twenty year old young gay man, you know?

Sheena: Right.

Michelle: And I’m thinking to myself … I said well why is it when people interview actors who have um… played in… um …like um war movies they don’t say (deep voice) “What was it like to simulate killing someone?” You know? I think that’s more frightening than having a breast in your mouth. That was actually fantastic first day of shooting.

Scott: Oh yeeaaahhh …

Sheena: Oh yeah ..

(laughter in the studio)

Michelle: But um … like I said .. I think we need to make love not war.  (Is she trying to be sexy here?)

Scott: (inaudible)

Sheena: I agree. I agree. Well you know we are children of the Puritans.

Michelle: And I’m available tonight if (inaudible) (Yeah, she’s trying to be sexy -_-)

Scott: Wooooow.

Robert: What’s interesting now that you bring up the sexual factor is that the gay community arguably has more openness around sexuality. Arguably. We were really taken to task over that representation. And of course all the drug aspects of it. But also just the rampant sexuality, it seemed I think too many liked airing dirty laundry, and people weren’t willing to own it, you know, and they .. and some people really had a problem with the show with some of the representations that were too out there, even if they were true.

Sheena: I agree!

Michelle: Yeah, but still, I went to a twenty-five, it was the twenty-fifth annual GLAAD/LGBT Images in Media Awards. It wasn’t the award show, it was just like a celebration, right? And they show like this documentary and I think there was one fast clip in this hour and a half long documentary of … it was of Gale and and a scene that lasted like all of five seconds. And I’m thinking in this documentary there’s not more Queer As Folk in that? I wasn’t upset because I .. you know .. I’ve got the memories and you know, that’s great. But um.. I found it interesting, you know?

Scott: Mmm-hmmm.

Michelle: For a show that, as we all know from these letters from so many.. um, you know, kids and people across the … (inaudible)

Sheena: Oh and STILL. Literally. I have an inbox that’s full!

Scott: Yeah, yeah.

Michelle: Still. Yeah. Yeah.

Sheena: Yeah.

Thea: You know it’s interesting the whole idea of sexuality in.. in… on television illicited so much violence ..

Michelle: Yeah.

Thea: You know? That I thought was very umm… dramatic result of the show.

Scott: Mmm-hmm.

Sheena: Yeah. We’ve come along way with that. And Queer As Folk really broke down those barriers whether .. and it’s not a gay thing. It’s just a sex scene thing.

Michelle: Yes, sexuality in America.

Sheena: Sexuality in general. And I think we can thank HBO and Showtime and premium channels for really kinda pushing that along.

Scott: I agree.

Sheena: And now the cable channels have followed the TNTs and the USAs. And it really kind of followed along with that.

Scott: Yeah.

Sheena: Gale, did you have to bare the brunt of that? Cause I think you had clothes on for three episodes ..


Gale: Ummmmm… I didn’t have to do much laundry.


Sheena: Saved time on costume fittings.

Gale: … (inaudible due to laughing) … blushing, but was just one of those lessons… is it art of does it feel good? I could never figure that out. I just take them both. It was for a while, because I think there’s, you know, when people… when people can, umm, put you and what you appear to be very close to their life, you know, by means of television, or some sort of screen that’s so close to them, you know … there’s a line there that becomes less and less distinct … and .. it could be my own paranoia and probably, to some degree, it is but … uhh.. it was always .. and it was always … it was 99.9% very kind and warm, but there was a little bit of a undercurrent that sometimes made me not sure .. you know? If there was an assumption .. by means of the energy .. but that’s just … that’s just being on screen, you know? Umm, cause I can remember what it was like to do it. And I can remember images that were happening in my mind while I was performing. And then I can remember what it looked like on film … and … ummm.. it was an interesting experience for sure but I’m very proud of it, you know? Because it scared the shit out of me basically. (laughing)

Scott: Hm.

Sheena: I understand that!

Scott: Yeah.

Sheena: When the responsibility of  here is a whole gay community that’s looking at you, you know, he eight of you to represent them! And that’s a big deal. I’m mean that’s a lot of …

Gale: Well I … (Sheena talking inaudible)

Sheena: No matter what the character is you’re playing.

Gale: I would also just say too that I … I mean .. I didn’t ..I was never apart of the process which immediately became .. It took awhile to really try and sort it all out but  I felt like .. a little bit umm… guilty that I was representing something that I didn’t own for my own self… . For myself, you know?

Scott: Hmmm.

Sheena: Sure!

Michelle: Yeah.

Gale: And that kind of stands out in my mind. And am I doing justice to this? And if I’m … if the assumption is that I am .. then is there more to that? And then if I don’t …. (sighs) … express that clearly enough. And I don’t want to get too complicated but … it’s seems like uh .. it seems like a little too over analytical and to some degree it is. I did not want to get it wrong.

Scott: Hmm-mmm.

Gale: (emphasizes) I just did not want to get it wrong on any level. I wanted to do justice …(Sheena talking inaudible) yeah.

Sheena: Right. Now is it the same for all of you? I mean not for Peter and Robert, obviously, but for the rest of you to say look now I’m the icon for a community that I am not apart of so I don’t quite know what to do about that.

Scott: It’s rare I mean you’re not … you’re not prepared. Especially for a television show to take on responsibility and this was a show where we all felt very responsibility to a large community for…

Sheena: Sure.

Scott: And in … from the very beginning, from  as soon as press started for it. And for you know … For the straight actors on the show having to make decisions of whether you are going to discuss your sexual orientation or not. Ummm and you know Gale and myself included certainly felt like … uhh… it’s kind of nobody’s business and it doesn’t matter ..

Sheena: I agree!

Scott: And it’s kind of a … at times it felt like a homophobic question to ask anyway? Cause it shouldn’t matter if the characters are gay and that’s all you really need to know. And I .. but …I am.. can just speak for myself. I definitely felt an incredible responsibility for a number of .. for the character, for the number of story lines … uh that I had to go through to .. like Gale said absolutely … there’s always this feeling, I think for all of us, that we’ve got to get this right.  This is ..

Sheena: Right.

Scott: This is … we knew there was something historical going on here, something ground breaking going on here, and um… we could either make it for the betterment of this community or … for their harm and we just wanted to get it right and help improve the lives of the people we were representing I think.

Sheena: I think that’s beautiful. I think that somebody picked well to be lucky enough to have all of you to represent because umm… we know a lot of actors, we hate to say this, would just like you know uhh.. Where’s my latte? Where’s my paycheck and then they’re done.

Scott: Right. We did that, too.

Sheena: You all have these beautiful hearts and souls. And now this is where I get really get (inaudible) cause I’m Irish.

Michelle: Yeah, I’m Irish, too, don’t worry about it.

Sheena: Yeah, I can tell.

Michelle: I’m about to cry. I’m right there.

Sheena: I am too. You guys have these beautiful hearts and souls that I can feel and I’ve felt with you Scott and with you Gale, having had you on the show before. But I can feel it from Robert and Peter and boy the gay community lucked out the day that all of you got chosen for this show because wow .. that community needed it at that time. Need that kind of love and need a bunch of actors that really cared about who they were playing not just “God! It’s great to be working cause I got a new Mercedes! Have a thousand dollars .. ”


Sheena: I mean what a .. what a .. wow that was really a universal moment that  you all picked because ..

Scott: Yeah.

Michelle: Thank you.

Sheena:  .. a lot of people sit across from me in varying degrees of beauty and I can tell you that all of you have a lot. And I think that’s why your fans still feel so connected to you.

Scott: Thanks, Sheena.

Sheena: .. you know six years later.

Michelle: That’s so sweet.

Sheena: Cause I feel connected to you and I don’t even know you except for Scott and Gale a little bit.


Sheena: Ummm now, Peter, what about for you? And also Robert as you came out for you. Did you feel the pressure as well that you would have to represent your own community?

Peter: Yeah, I was going to say earlier that I’m not sure it was any easier just because I actually am gay. Like, oh! okay I got this!


Peter: I’m certainly aware … the only thing I think I understood maybe more inherently at the very beginning than maybe the rest of the cast except for it was really a hunger for images and role models like .. you know .. I remembered being eleven or twelve and thirteen and knowing I was different and knowing something was up and not seeing myself anywhere in the pantheon ..

Sheena: Right.

Peter: And um … so I think I came to it with that but I surly didn’t come to it like .. you know .. I’m literally  like (inaudible) except I give a lot of awards and give a lot of speeches about civil rights like .. wow … that was certainly not something they trained us for at Boston University School of Theater Arts .


Sheena: Right.

Peter: So it was certainly an eye opening experience on every level but you just kind of get it. You just kind of put yourself out there and I want to applaud my cast mates. You know, Robert and I do a lot of the gay fundraisers speaking at a lot of positive stuff but some of these guys, they don’t fool around. Michelle Clunie does more fucking .. Whew! Scuse me!

Sheena: That’s okay, Peter, I’ll get another show.


Peter: (laughing) I’m a horrible person. And you can send all complaints to Jeffrey (inaudible) my attorney.

(more laughter)

Peter: Michelle does more freaking uh .. you know ..funding for gay and lesbian fundraiser and political rallies than I do. I mean she’s always out there. And Thea and Scott  are good anytime they need to be there and Gale, too. Tell them they need to be anywhere and they’re there, they show up. And it’s really umm … it’s something I’m incredibly grateful for. So um … anyway.

Sheena: But don’t you think that just as a human being, you have to be apart of something for it to be your cause.

Michelle: As human beings we should feel impassioned for everything that is affecting everybody. Yeah, we are talking about human rights.

Sheena: Absolutely.

Michelle: Women’s rights, gay rights. I mean we’re still working on passing The Rights Amendment which is atrocious. Don’t even get me going on that.


Sheena: Yeah. Okay. That’s when you come back by yourself let me tell ya.

Michelle: Yeah, I’m like … yeah.

(Scott laughing)

Michelle: It’s always shocking to me people will be like “Oh, why are you standing up for the LBGT community?” I’m like what are you talking about?? We all have… I mean to me ..I think it’s your duty to stand up for each other.

Sheena: I agree!

Michelle: Because if we can form this coalition of .. of you know .. women and the LBGT community and those unions that’s how you really keep a country strong.

Sheena: Cause everyone is a minority in some regard.

Michelle: Everyone’s a minority.

Sheena: And I think that growing up Irish-American my mom very much kind of emphasized that being from a, you know, oppressed people that were not treated terribly well when they came to this country don’t have a prejudice against anyone and we remember that everyone is the same and everyone should be treated the same. And grew up with that very much instilled in me. And so I consider every community mine. i don’t care if it’s me or not. I’ll march for anybody, I’ll speak for anybody.

Scott: Right.

Sheena: But i think that we are so segregated by who we are in this country. Male or female. Gay or straight. Are you tall or short? Are you fat or thin? What’s your ethnic background? What’s your religious background? How do you vote? And everything is definite little boxes that we’re supposed to put ourselves in and most of us don’t fall into those boxes! Most people fall somewhere in between the middle of all of that and don’t fit into the communities. So whether we like it or not, people are influenced by celebrity. When people see you and Thea and Gale and Scott and Sharon out supporting something, whether or not it’s your community, there’s that “Oh, well maybe I’ll think about that cause I saw a celebrity do it!” And it’s kind of the now, but it is what people do. And that’s why it’s so important.

Michelle: Yeah, putting a stress on civil rights and human rights as opposed to

Sheena: Yeah!

Michelle: .. LGTB rights or women’s rights.

Sheena: Yeah, I agree!

Scott: And it’s all, you know, what the show was great for as well and how it branched out in a way even Showtime didn’t expected. It was more that just a niche show for having at least half the audience being straight, you know, mostly  women but men as well. It’s all, you know, about reducing ignorance out there. You know? And especially at the time you’re a gay show, the more more people could feel like they knew gay people. And it’s what’s going on now, as well, as things try to move forward. The more they try to put a human face on this supposedly frightening , evil thing that’s out there it’s ..

Sheena: Right. You can’t put a face on evil.

Scott: Yeah, exactly, it’s like it’s a lot harder for people to turn away from it. And we would hear that all the time from straight women, middle-aged mothers, fourteen year old daughters, and you know, they would say never really knew a gay person before, I get it now but I didn’t know. And they turned into the biggest PFlag and they didn’t even have a gay child. (laughs) And then they become activists. And we spilled a lot of that during the show and the events we go to as well. All of us.

Michelle: And we see it’s in the air, yeah, in these young children that umm there’s that video going around about that  young boy who stood up to his principle. And you see that activism is in the air. That young people are speaking up and in a kind way. They’re simple speaking from their heart and it’s very beautiful.

Sheena: My favorite thing about the show. Beautifully acted and beautifully written. I mean you really felt like you were friends with these people to the point where you know I think when you came on the show Scott I was halfway through the series. I was watching it on DVD and catching up on it… umm .. when it ended I mourned. I mean I .. I … felt like my friends were all gone and I am a little crazy, I’m Irish.


Sheena: I felt like, Oh my God it’s over! and there’s no new episodes cause you were so caught up in what everybody was doing that you really kind of felt like Aww! Now it’s over … and I think that’s when a really good series grabs you by the soul and you’re living week to week with people. When it ends you think Ugh!  .. just what am I gonna do now? That’s an hour out of my week trying to figure out ..but to me, that’s a testament of how brilliantly written and acted it was and directed.

Scott: Yes.

Sheena: That you’ve got that feeling from it and not just okay and now I’ll just move on to something else. And we’ll find somebody else to take their clothes off on Showtime and I’ll start watching that show!


Sheena: The idea that you really are that suspension of disbelief, that you are carried away by something to the point where you think of characters more as friends. And when I was receiving emails over the last few days from your wonderful fans all over the world!  The thing that really grabbed me was how much they really feel that you were friends. Like they were sitting and watching friends interact. I think that was one of the beautiful things that about the show, that there was a lot of dialogue and scenes that were just people being friends and interacting as friends without some huge giant plot line or some huge .. it was just hanging time.

(agreeing sounds)

Sheena: And I think that most people crave that gang of friends and you guys kind of developed that. I think that’s really beautiful. Well, Robert, what was it like for you? Cause you kind of came out during the course of the show.

Robert: Yeah. Yeah, I was gonna say that craving for friendship is universal and also heightened in the gay community. There’s a lot of .. uh .. I think it’s one of the reasons that the show meant so much. When.. when people would come up and fans would be very excited about the show, there was like an extra layer of enthusiasm that I think was .. was (inaudible) to the fact was there had never been anything like it before and finally there’s this voice and .. umm… I guess for me it was … you know I’m sitting here listening to the gang and honestly I’m just  thinking what an extraordinary journey it was, you know, it was really an amazing, amazing thing umm.. to get to come from a truthful place in that way as a human being. Wanting to find my own uh.. truth, and to be… to find my own inner courage and be willing to umm .. you know face that. Of course, you know, many people think that much more recently than I did, but  you know I had my own version of mom and dad and fears and what not and I think that every individual does so we all find where on the journey we… kind of stand up and hopefully it’s sooner than later. And uhh.. it just happen to align for me with the show, the amazing experience and these incredible folks to.. that uh.. that I was blessed to be working with.

Scott: Well, you know it was something we were enormously proud of you for doing it. I mean .. the uh… the uh… the .. I don’t want to say the difficulty..but you know it was a decision you didn’t make lightly …and…

Michelle: Right. You’re life was going on as the show was going on.

Scott: Exactly. And you .. you.. I remember having discussions with you and you talked with everybody and really weighed it all out and .. you know the courage you showed in doing it ..I thought… you know.. it made the … it’s a great memory of mine from doing the show is like to have that kind of thing happen with the show in some ways help you found the courage …

Robert: Well it’s .. it’s fun. Thank you Scott, I appreciate it. It’s funny retroactively you know to … it’s almost a little embarrassing quite honestly that it was such a big deal you know but … you know.. of course there were lots of reasons for that …

Sheena: But it was a good time! Absolutely it was a good time!

Scott and Thea: Right. (agreeing)

(Sheena and Scott are inaudible)

Michelle: Robert, you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. Look, we all know actors right now, very big actors ..

Sheena: (scoffing) Oh, yeah! ..

Michelle: .. who are still in the closet..

Sheena: Sure! (laughing) And that’s their  right.. (inaudible) fearful! ..

(Sheena and Michelle talking at the same time)

Michelle: … because they’re fearful and that’s absolutely their right but what you did was … yeah… took enormous courage and  umm…you know I .. I don’t know if I could have done that but .. umm … it’s .. it’s .. huge and umm…we all looked up to you a great deal. It’s huge what you did.

Sheena: I agree ..

Robert: Well thanks. I appreciate that and at the same time I do want to say that there are folks on the front line who are in vastly more challenging more circumstances who .. who .. (inaudible someone coughing) .. yeah … I’m just .. grateful to be living the truth you know and ..

Scott: Yeah..

Sheena: That’s nice ..

Robert: …. there’s no more (inaudible) you know and … it’s interesting  people come up and say you know do you think being open you know .. like did your career did you get a break? And my sense is that it’s all perfectly unfolding. I’m sure that there… I’m sure that .. I imagine there are opportunities that haven’t come my way because of it and many that have .. and many with … that make no difference one way or the other ..

Scott: Well I would like to say too, on the opposite side of that, I would like to condemn Peter Paige for never coming out ..


Scott: And is actually straight..

Michelle: Why are you such a closet case? It’s just embarrassing …


Scott: He is actually a straight man who is masking himself as a gay man so he can squeeze women’s breasts all around the country!


Scott: Peter, would you like to talk about that?

Sheena: In hopes that Queer As Folk 2 is coming!

Scott: Yeah! Peter would you address that  point please?

Peter: Here’s the back story behind this question.


Peter: I have a thing about boobs! I love boobs. And I do.

Michelle: Okay …

Peter: Sharon Gless has a lovely pair of Golden Globes.


Peter: And I have always loved boobs,  I don’t know if it’s because I don’t get to play with boobs in my personal life but I like to play with boobs in a social environment. I like boobs! And Scott would just like to sit and tease about if I would play with the jugs of pretty much every woman on and off set. And umm .. and Scott was like “You all are going to feel so violated when at the end of the show Peter Paige goes I’m really straight!”


Sheena: Peter you’re welcome to come on the show anytime just you and me and you can play with my boobs if you want.


Peter: … (inaudible Michelle talking) .. I have to say they look very nice!

Sheena: Oh! Well thank you.

(Scott laughing)

Michelle: I just have to say that Peter you’ve never played with my boobs.

Peter: Michelle, you barely have boobs.

Sheena: Awwwwwww!

Michelle: Awwwwww!  But I love my boobs!

Peter: .. (first part in inaudible talking over) … that is the biggest bull I’ve ever heard.

Michelle: You like boobies.

Sheena: He likes functional boobs. Like nursing five kids at once. That’s ..

Michelle: Oh really? You like big bouncy boobies. Okay.

Sheena: You know what? All of you were wonderful and I’m so sorry that we are out of time cause I could keep you on till nine o’clock at night.

Scott: Oh thank you.

Sheena: Will you all come back and come see me again? either together or individually?

Michelle: Absolutely.

Scott: Absolutely.

Sheena: And Peter where’s the best place people can find you online?

Peter:  Ah, where is the best place people can find me online? Ahh… you can go to , Facebook, and ummm… you can of course you can follow my page on IMDb, I have an episode of Bones coming up. and um…

Sheena: Nice!

Peter: … yeah … and umm I’m writing and directing so there will be more news on that front, too.

Sheena: Wonderful! Thank you everybody, the wonderful Peter Paige. And Gale how about you? Are you still kind of web shy? Or have you … have you … uh ventured into the cyber frontier?

Gale: Umm… I haven’t decided yet.


Sheena: And Gale I know you will come back and see me again cause we’re going to do our Heavy Metal Free For All Show.

Gale: Yes. We’ll have to listen to the new Motorhead record cause I have it in my hands.

Sheena: Nice! You’ll have to bring it. Yeah, I have LA Guns and Lizzie Borden and all kinds of fun stuff we’ll crank up.

Gale: You got it! Alright!

Sheena: Gale, thank you so much for being here. Gale Harold everybody. And for my three in the studio well wow hasn’t this been a super fun time?

Scott: This has been great.

Michelle: Amazing!

Sheena: Michelle what’s the best place to reach you?

Michelle: Well my phone number is ..


Michelle: I’m joking!

Sheena: Well she’s got boobs!

Scott: She does ..

Michelle: Well you know what? I’ve got Facebook I think…

Sheena: You do a lot of stuff on Facebook.

Michelle: Yeah, yeah, yeah …a lot of people are going there to get their news actually (laughs) That’s a good place to go.

Sheena: Do you like that interaction will the fans and kind of being there?

Michelle: I do. I do. It’s interesting because my page an interesting page, I mean, I would say pretty much it’s a progressive page, but I do have .. you know I have friends I make on airplanes, I’m flying around, so it doesn’t … some of them are Republicans and Independents so we .. we sometimes get into it. And it’s interesting. I keep the peace though, I really do keep the peace. And I think .. you know .. I think you can have an honest and intelligent conversation, you can solve a lot of problems.

Sheena: I like that. I like that. Thea? What about you?

Thea: I think that there is a fan page? Thea fans. You can reach me there.

Sheena: Now your the shy one of the group. Are you doing okay?

Thea: Yeah!

Sheena: I know it can be kind of overwhelming live radio if your not .. you know..

Scott: She’s doing great.

Sheena: Yep. She’s fantastic.

Scott: Thumbs up!

Sheena: Mr. Scott Lowell?

Scott: Well I want to say first that Robert Gant’s battery died on his phone.

Sheena: We lost Robert. Yes. Look Robert up and google him, he’s amazing.

Michelle: Awww.

Scott: Yes, he is amazing. He’s everywhere as well and he’s wonderful and see everything that Robert Gant does. So .. uh.. I’ll say goodbye for him. And me? Scott , Facebook, and Twitter and … um … my porn site.


Scott: Yeah, just look it up.

Sheena: Yeah, yeah. Scott Lowell porn. org …

Scott: Exactly.

Sheena: organization. And you will come and see me again.

Scott: I .. absolutely will! It’s a treat.

Sheena: So nice for you to be here with you and Michelle’s on twitter as well.

Michelle: @mischaclu


Sheena: And if you miss any of the links for any of these fantastic people you can go to or and I will gladly forward the links over to you!  It’s the Sheena Metal Experience …


I hope you enjoyed this. It took a lot of hours and dedication to keep going after I lost about 5 hours of work. Oy. But I completed it because I know some of you guys didn’t catch a lot of the conversation due to connections being lost and some pretty bad audio during the show. Enjoy and leave me some love on the comment section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you decide to repost this please give credit to Gale Devotee and Tea Bag Me Kinney. Thank you!

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7 responses to “LA Talk Radio Queer as Folk Mini Reunion 2011- FULL Transcription”

  1. DerMoment1608 says :

    Thank you for the transcript! It must have been a lot of work.

  2. discostick says :

    Wow! Thankkkk you for the full trancscription. It’s very helpful to all the QaF Fans to understant the conversation, especially fans who don’t speak English as mother language (just like me 🙂 – an Asian boy).

    I love Robert’s voice. It’s warm & beautiful.

  3. QAF says :

    AAww.. i miss them.. :(.. and i miss Randy the most.. Where is he?! They didn’t try to get him on the phone?!.. 😦

    • galedevotee says :

      I know right? I thought about that. But I do remember Scott said via twitter that they would do it only if their schedules permitted it. Sad we couldn’t see what he is up to!

  4. Maman Rusmana (@mamendoy) says :

    What a great work!!
    Thank you so much for the transcript.. 😀
    It help me catch the whole conversation.

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