8 Questions to Die For With ‘Fertile Ground’ Director Adam Gierasch

In cooperation with Syfy and Lionsgate, on January 28th After Dark Films is releasing eight “After Dark Originals” in theaters, in a bid to take the “horror festival concept to a higher level”. Instead of acquiring the films after the fact, as with “8 Films to Die For”, these Originals were developed from the ground up at the famed genre distributor in an effort to create “high quality horror films” with full input from the After Dark team. Now, in anticipation of their release, B-D reporter Chris Eggertsen put eight questions to the directors of each of the upcoming films, in a series we’re calling “8 Questions to Die For: Interviews with the Directors of the After Dark Originals”. In this installment we interviewed Fertile Ground director Adam Gierasch, who earlier directed the After-Dark distributed Autopsy and also the recent Night of the Demons remake. Unlike the over-the-topDemons, Gierasch describes Fertile Ground as a subtler, much more character-based film about the slow unraveling of a married couple after they move into the husband’s ancestral home in New Hampshire.

Fans of down-‘n’-dirty lesbian make-out scenes (you know who you are) will probably be disappointed to hear that unlike Adam Gierasch’s last directorial effort Night of the Demons, his upcoming Fertile Ground, part of the “After Dark Originals” series, is a much more serious-minded affair with none of the gratuitous sex or nudity of that earlier film. Nevertheless, if the premise lives up to its potential this could turn out to be a spooky little gem. In our interview below you can find out why Gierasch earlier described the film as Roman Polanski meets a movie made for the Lifetime Channel, what classic films he was inspired by, and how much his real-life relationship with wife/co-writer Jace Anderson figured into the relationship between the central couple featured in the movie.

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