Recap of ‘Hellcats’ God Must Have Laid My Fortune Away- Hot Professor Alert!

Anywho…Marti, Professor Julian, Morgan and Vanessa meet with Red Raymond to try and get him to help free Travis. They want Red to talk Jake into turning himself in. Instead, Red tells football coach Bill Marsh everything, and Marti blows up thinking Red is a total a–hole for betraying her and Vanessa’s trust. Oh, but wait…it was all a trick to get Bill Marsh on tape talking about doctoring evidence again to make Jake take the fall for everything! They corner Jake, present him with his options and after a lot of convincing and a football-field-praying sesh with Alice, Jake agrees to turn himself in.

The football program and cheer team is saved! Wow, didn’t see that one coming. Marti, Red and Professor Julian, high off their Jake-in-jail triumph, force Bill Marsh to resign and donate his entire pension toward getting the three strikes rule overturned. Jake begins a seven-month sentence in jail and to be honest, he doesn’t have it too bad. His cell is pimped out with a TV, microwave, mini-fridge, snack delivery and no roommate. So it was kind of confusing why he was crying when he’s set up better than most college students.

Oh, did I forget to mention that there was some sort of kindred spirit bonding between Julian and Marti? I’m kind of hoping for a teacher/student relationship to spark à la “Pretty Little Liars.” Fingers crossed because the professor is kind of hot!

Hollywood Crush

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