Fan Account of The Soccer Match with Gale Harold

This took place yesterday remember …

I got to the pier about 3 o’clock today. I saw Gale right away on the field. He was in blue shorts and a gray V-neck t-shirt with a jacket and a baseball hat on.

He hung around talking to people for a while then came out with a scarf/bandana thing tied around his head. He was walking and talking and taking photos and doing a few interviews.

Then he went in the tent and got changed into the green uniform. He was still just walking around and talking, I wouldn’t say he seemed relaxed, he seemed a bit hyper, but it did seem like he had a good time playing and hanging out. Stephen Kijak was there also, not at the beginning of the day, but he got there right before the game started. It started later than they said it would.

It was a pretty good crowd, I met a few very nice fangirls that have posted here before, and that was nice sharing some stories. Gale stayed on the field so we didn’t get to say hi, but he definitely knew we were there. He did throw a few (questionable) looks in my direction cause I had the camera on him the whole time. But who could resist those muscular legs..LOL..which really are nice by the way. He seemed really fit, but by the end of the game he was a bit winded, but who could blame him, he played the whole game running back and forth. I would have been dead on the field if I did that much running. Also, he runs really fast too. He even bounced a few balls off of his head.

Anyway it was great to see him in person again. I am glad I made the little journey. He probably was a good player when he did play and he really showed up and had lots of energy and put 100% into it. He played defense.

So that is my report. I will try to get some photos, but mine are not at all as good as what has been posted.

By the way I think I saw Wire Image and a few other photographers, so I think we will be seeing a bunch of stuff from it.


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One response to “Fan Account of The Soccer Match with Gale Harold”

  1. Talaai says :

    OMG , you are so adorable to shoot and share this video for us . Gale is my lover ( in dream … ^^) ever . He soooooo…cute .

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