Early Fertile Ground Screencaps! Part 1 (of 6)

Yes it is real, and yes they are all there!  Thanks to Amazon Instant Video I was able to see Fertile Ground this weekend & (of course) I made beaucoup screen caps for you people.  Here is part 1, I’ll post part 2 in a sec & the rest will be up in the next day or so.  Part 1 contains over 600 caps, so enjoy and right-click save to your hearts’ content.  FYI, these will contain SPOILERS.

Here is the link to Amazon Instant Videos where you can rent Fertile Ground for $3.99.  This link only works in the U.S., so if you know of a link that works in Europe, etc. please share.


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  1. Sonia says :

    He´s amazing! Thanks for sharing

  2. yessica says :

    thanks for sharing 😀

    He’s great!

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