Gale Harold Gets Devious On Screen and Off

If there’s one thing we can count on when interviewing Gale Harold, it’s his complete unpredictability. At the May 19 CW Upfronts in NYC, the star of the upcoming “The Secret Circle” was feeling particularly cheeky – and yet, even as he played coy, he managed to exude that classic Southern charm that makes us love him so.

And, to be honest… that makes us a little nervous.

Check out the video interview below to see just what we mean. We talked to Harold about everything from his “Secret Circle” character to the Soviet shuttle that carried a mannequin into space. (It’s true. We looked it up.)

After we spoke to Harold, we got an extended sneak peek of “The Secret Circle” pilot… and let’s just say that he may be a playful trickster off-screen, but on-screen, his mayhem is much more serious. It’s a far more menacing role than we’re used to seeing Harold in, but he certainly relishes in it. “The Secret Circle” is set to air on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. this fall following “The Vampire Diaries.” We can’t wait!

Click HERE at the source for the video

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