Transcript of Gale’s Zap2it Interview.

Thanks so much to @galeharoldfc/Gale Harold Fan Club for sharing with us.!

Thanks a ton to qaforever for giving permission to use her transcript of the Gale Harold Interview.

Here is the transcription of Carina MacKenzie’s CW Upfronts interview for Zap2it.  Here is the link to the VIDEO INTERVIEW.

Interviewer: So tell me a little bit about your character. It seems like he’s sortof really different from anyone you’ve played before.

Gale: Uhh. People that cast… borderline… fatal spells… they’re different… right? They act normal. (stares at
) … you feel weird right now?

Interviewer: A little uncomfortable!

Gale: So, that’s what I’m saying.

Interviewer: Um, you don’t seem like you’re old enough to be playing anybody’s dad. Are you kind of weirded out by being the grown-up on the show?

Gale: I have seven thousand children.

Interviewer: Really?

Gale: Yes.

Interviewer: All over the world, or just here in Vancouver? How busy were you?

Gale: We’re not in Vancouver right now… this is New York City.

But yes. To all of those questions.

Interviewer: Um… tell me a little about your character, I know that he has his own sort of history with his own coven. What are we gonna see – are there a lot of secret that are going to come out, what’s his role here?

Gale: What do you mean by secrets?

Interviewer: You’re making this really hard on me.

Gale: Yeah. That’s my job! There’s going to be a lot of secrets… and… there’s gonna be some gang wars.

Interviewer: Ooh. We like that.

Gale: (looking around) Is someone trying to steal my wat-ah?

Interviewer: Um. So I hear that your character, I know he’s a witch –

Gale: Everything you’re saying sounds like a rumour… ‘I hear this… I hear that…’

Interviewer: Well I wasn’t on set, so…

Gale: Alright, go ahead. Alright.

Interviewer: So he’s a witch. Tell me about working with all of the supernatural stuff. Have you ever done that before, like have you ever played a supernatural character?

Gale: Ummmm. Yeah.

Interviewer: Is it fun? I mean, is that something that appeals to you a lot?

Gale: It’s really really painful… But you get over it.

Interviewer: Um. What have you been up to inbetween- I know you guys wrapped Hellcats a while ago, did
you just shoot this pilot or have you been working on other stuff in the middle?

Gale: I built my own rocketship.

Interviewer: Really? So did I! We should do that together.

Gale: Really! Where are you going?

Interviewer: Mars, y’know, see what’s next.

Gale: Really? That’s boring.

Interviewer: Where are you off to?

Gale: Jupiter.

Interviewer: Oh. Yeah. Um I’m taking baby steps, what can I say?

Gale: That’s cool. You know, the Russians used to put mannekins in their rockets so the dogs wouldn’t freak out thinking there were no people in there with them.

Interviewer: Is this a conspiracy theory?

Gale: Nope.

Interviewer: All facts?

Gale: Look it up. Soviet space developments.

Interviewer: Um. Hellcats unfortunatley is no longer. Um, you had some crazy stuff going on there with Marti, did you expect it to go in that direction?

Gale: Yeah.

Interviewer: Really?

Gale: Yeah. I mean it’s a very classic Southern thing y’know. They fell in love and they weren’t allowed to…

Interviewer: Is it really?

Gale: Oh yeah. Are you kiddin’?

Interviewer: Um. I got some Twitter questions from your fans… and my favourite one that someone sent me – she wanted to know if you could have dinner with any of the characters you’ve ever played, which one would you have dinner with, and why?

Gale: Valentine Xavier. And because he actually went to hell… and came back.

Interviewer: Wondering what… that’s like?

Gale: Who isn’t, right?

Interviewer: Yep…

Gale: And I don’t mean the hell you’re thinking about.

Interviewer: No?

Gale: Well, maybe. Hades…

Interviewer: What’s it like working with Kevin Williamson, he’s sort of an icon…

Gale: He is an icon. But he’s very, very open and very sharing with what the undercurrents of
these characters are gonna be – which is good. Because when you come into something and you really don’t know where it’s gonna go, and you have to play it all straight, right? You wanna have a little bit of… a morsel, here and there. But I think – I mean, obviously the guy can go dark, right? And that’s what is exciting to me.

Interviewer: Do you think you’ll have some input into the character? You want it to go as dark as he can get, huh?

Gale: Um. Yeah. I mean, I would love to actually turn inside out. Right. You know?

Interviewer: That would be new!

Gale: Well. What’s that guy… he lost all of his skin… and you could just see him… his veins and his capilaries and his muscles…

Interviewer: It sounds like a TLC special!

Gale: No. It’s actually a real story.

Interviewer: Really?

Gale: No.

Interviewer: I’m done! I can’t do anymore.

Gale: Me too, you wore me out. Thank you very much.

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