Gale is #22 on’s World’s 100 Hottest Men List

Presenting the 2011 Hot 100… The World’s Hottest Men as Chosen By Our Readers

What would you do if you were surrounded by 100 of the hottest men on Earth?

You’re about to be, because we have the results of the 2011 AfterElton Hot 100!

Just a few statistics… For this our fifth annual poll, almost 10,000 readers lodged over 50,000 name votes, nominating more than a thousand different men.

Of the top 100, nearly a quarter of them are out gay or bisexual men, so way to go home team!

As is becoming an annual ritual, there is some unpleasant news. Only seven guys on the Hot 100 are men of color – up from six last year. We think this speaks to the relative lack of racial minorities among the ranks of TV and movie celebrities (where most Hot 100 picks come from). But given that only 70% of the U.S. is white, it’s also worth asking: do some gay and bisexual men need to broaden their definition of what it means to be hot…

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#22 of the 100 Hottest Men

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One response to “Gale is #22 on’s World’s 100 Hottest Men List”

  1. hillarify says :

    The most hottest guy in the world!!!!!!!

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