PHOTO & Twitter Fan Encounter with Gale & Cast of QaF lastnight!

Thanks so much to @Marcelles_cool for tweeting this and to @GaleHaroldFan for breaking this fabulous story.  I blow both of you kisses!

Fan Marcelles_Cool & Gale Harold

You can also go read Marcelles_Cool’s full report on her Tumblr page.

*for those not familiar with twitter, it is best to read from the bottom up.

Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan all still friends. And it was soooo cool to meet them all at once. Especially Gale’s gorgeous face, of course. 🙂
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan Randy had left at this point, but the rest of them all said bye to me and left together. It’s so cool to know that they’re
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan Finally I went up to Gale. I was so nervous, but he saw so nice and put me at ease. We talked, hugged and took a picture!
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan them. They were all really sweet and gracious and talked to me for a few minutes, except Randy who seemed uninterested.
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan walked up to them. I talked to each of the cast members indiviually, telling them what a fan I was and how happy I was to see
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan Afterwards, he came out and talked to them all, as well as some other people. Finally, I mustered up all my courage and
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan and sounded gorgeous, as usual. I noticed that he looked out into the crowd and smiled slightly when he saw the cast. 🙂
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan the intermission. They were all talking to eachother os I didn’t want to interrupt. Finally Gales play started and he looked
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan It was Scott Lowell, Peter Paige, Randy Harrison, and Michelle Clunie all sitting together! I sort of watched them throughout
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan I came to the theater late, so I didn’t see the audience. As soon as the second play ended I saw the people in front of me.
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@galeharoldfan I went to the play tonight also. I met the whole QAF cast, including Gale. I’d love to tel you about it!
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
I just saw the face of God. His name is Gale Harold.
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
I’m in the presence of the entire cast of Queer as Folk right now. So exciting!

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One response to “PHOTO & Twitter Fan Encounter with Gale & Cast of QaF lastnight!”

  1. greendaycarry says :

    god i so want to be this girl, I’m living in europe so there is absolutely no chance i’ll ever meet any of them.
    I couldn’t say why but i’m so deeply happy that they are still close, maybe because QaF help such a big place in my heart/head, and i’m happy to know that somehow, we fans are not the onlyone whom will remember it fro ever….it somehow isn’t over and it still matters to them ….<3

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