New Photo (UNTAGGED) of Gale at the Young Playwrights Festival

Thanks Merrily for sharing.  Please do not repost w/o permission per the photographer’s request.  Merrily was kind enough to let us un-tag this so please give her all due credit if reposting.

Gale Harold at Young Playwrights Festival

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4 responses to “New Photo (UNTAGGED) of Gale at the Young Playwrights Festival”

  1. papermom says :

    These pictures are great & I want to thank you so much for posting them – particularly with easy accessibility. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I really enjoy this site – it’s always entertaining & of course, given the subject matter, it’s always lovely to look at!

    • galedevotee says :

      Thank you so much! We work hard to try to bring something different to the table, and with Gale it’s not that hard. Thank you again for following the blog. We appreciate you guys! 🙂

  2. manuela says :

    Thank you for all pics, these are amazing!!!!!!!!! and thank you for all great job

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