Fall TV Preview – The Secret Circle (Gale Harold FTW!)

The First Impression: Was one of pleasant surprise. Which is to say, despite a cast featuring a slew of TV Addict favorites including LIFE UNEXPECTED’s Britt Robertson and TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES’ Thomas Dekker, witches have never quite been our cup of tea. So you can imagine our surprise by just how compelling THE SECRET CIRCLE’s first episode was. Far stronger than THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ initial offering, the CW’s flawlessly constructed companion piece not only sets up a good versus evil world filled complete with mystery, romance and intrigue, but features a welcome spin on the all-too-typical female protagonist thanks to Robertson’s Cassie Blake — who unlike TVD’s somewhat damsel-in-distress-esque Elena — can more than take care of herself. Also working in THE SECRET CIRCLE’s favor, at least for this TV Addict who is quickly aging himself out of the CW’s core demographic, is that the show features some incredibly exciting adult characters, most notably QUEER AS FOLK’s Gale Harold FTW!, who will surely play a far more integral role in the show than your typical CW parent (See: 90210, GOSSIP GIRL, ONE TREE HILL etc.)


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