New VIDEO INTERVIEW with Gale Harold for E!News Online


I must say I have watched almost every singe Gale interview there is (more than once), and this one is great. He is confident, articulate, thoughtful & amusing.  I’d say more, but you can watch and judge for yourself.

Love, Grape

Something Witchy This Way Comes: Secret Circle’s Britt Robertson and Gale Harold Spill Secrets

…and the intriguing Gale Harold, who is fantastically creepy in his new gig as her nemesis, to talk about why you just might get sucked into Secret Circle, the new CW drama based on the book series, even if you think you’re above such guilty pleasures…
Transcript of video interview 

Kristin: You are soooo creepy – on the show!
Gale: My shoes are squeaking.

Kristin: Ohh, that’s what it was.
Gale: Yeah.

Kristin: I thought you had a sound effect machine that went with you wherever you went.
Gale: Well, that is a sound effect… but it’s not a machine. It’s actually an accoutrement.

Kristin: (Laughs for an awkward amount of time) … how fun is it for you to play this very creepy guy?
Gale: Mmmhm. Um. One thing that was very fun was trying to light a match with my left hand.

Kristin: Why did it have to be your left hand?
Gale: Ask the camera… no, it’s because I’m not very good with my left hand, and that whole part of the scene was shot in the studio, so it happened outside, but the way the set was built and the way the camera was set and the angles were already established, meant that I had to use my left hand. That was the funnest thing.

Kristin: Next time maybe they’ll ask you if you’re right-handed or left-handed.
Gale: Yeah, but it happens sometimes. You can get surprised in a number of different ways… but, also, it’s very fun to try and pull off these two aspects of this character simultaneously, and make him believeable – that he’s actually considered to be a good person and a good father, while simultaneously burning down peoples’ houses and making them think they’re drowning… just by looking at them

Kristin: I think it’s an interesting hobby he has.
Gale: It’s not a hobby. It’s an occupation.

Kristin: Is it safe to say that your character is – at least in the beginning – the primary villain on the show? Or might he be misunderstood.
Gale: Um, I think he’s absolutely misunderstood – he’s misunderstood by himself… and me. I don’t know, I think one of the other interesting aspects – of which there are many – is not really knowing who’s in charge yet. It seems to be that Natasha’s character is sort of running things. And she’s kind of bound to let Charles remain in his capacity because he’s willing to do anything. So it’s hard to say, y’know, I think that he’s kind of the thug and she’s kind of the coppo… would that be a ‘cappa’? I don’t know..

Kristin: ‘Capp-a’? Female version? I guess… yeah, it works…
Gale: Um, but uh, it’s hard to say. And hopefully it’s gonna keep fracturing and getting turned around. The power struggle between those two I think will be an interesting reflection of the power struggle between our kids and that new circle that’s being built. Um, her daughter’s character, Faye, seems to share my affinity for just tearing the house apart, right, whereas my daughter is much more sort of, um, well she seems to be more interested in doing the ‘right’ thing. So there’s kind of an odd counter-point going on, y’know

Kristin: Right. And what was it about this show that made it interesting to you – what made you want to do it? Had you heard of the book series at all?
Gale: No, I was pretty green, as far as that goes. And I haven’t really figured out what that’s all about, because I don’t want to make any sort of assumptions or pre-determined ideas about it… I’m sure that Kevin will take it where it needs to go, in his own way, and that’s what I want to learn, y’know.

But the thing that was really interesting to me was what we were talking about before – playing that double, and always being veiled when I’m walking down the street, but then when the sun goes down, there’s this other thing happening. And it seems to me – and I don’t know if this is really true – but I don’t think he really cares about ‘good’ and ‘evil’. And it’s not because he’s a kid saying he doesn’t care about good and evil, it’s really not the way that he thinks. I think it’s more about what’s right and what’s wrong – not from a morality point of view, but what’s right for me, and what’s wrong for me, and how could I make this situation better by making it more right… for me. And then that kind of goes back into being very clan-ish, right, there’s these families that don’t really exist; they’re banned, they’re not supposed to be there. But they are, they’re doing what they’re doing.

Kristin: Right. Mmm. How much are you told about what’s coming up ahead? When you were shooting the pilot, was it really that controlled, that self-contained-
Gale: It’s very self-contained, and it’s still very self-contained, y’know.

Kristin: So they don’t tell you a whole lot of what’s coming up?
Gale: It comes in small pieces. And I think in a way that’s good, and in a way it’s a little nerve-wracking. But it’s just the nature of an adaptation. And in the beginning of the story the writers have to do what they have to do and get it set up… and then they let us know.

Kristin: I thought it was beautifully shot, I mean just the setting was gorgeous. How are you feeling about working in Vancouver, is this your first (time in Vancouver)?
Gale: No, I worked there a little bit last year. I love it. It’s beautiful, and there’s great people there… and uh, the light, and the water… it’s really beautiful.

Kristin: Do you have a romantic interest on the show?
Gale: Um, it’s kind of hard to say. I think that’s all up to… it will be discovered as we go forward. But hopefully what will happen is that people who are following the story will make assumptions. Which is always, y’know, you hope that the audience jumps in. It’s weird, you know, the times that we live in, it’s like an ongoing competition to see who can spoil whatever is going to happen first or who’s the smartest in determining what the future of this story’s gonna be… and uh, that can be a little irritating, but at the same time it’s kind of a blessing, because… it’s that flocking mentality of ‘I was right, I was right, I was right’ – and then we can kind of do whatever we wanna do, and they can then catch up with us…

Thanks @QUEERASFOLK1 for transcript

As always thanks to @magerit23 for Spanish translation

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    He still has Brian Kinney inside him..

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