Article #7 on Gale Harold & The Secret Circle from TCA Panel has published their Gale Harold interview from the Secret Circle TCA Panel. The quotes are very Gale, right!?

From The TCA Press Tour: Gale Harold Talks About His Secret Circle Character

…”I think, for Charles, for my character, it’s going to be pivotal to maintain that veil, right?” he asked. “I think he’s always going to be looking over his shoulder and looking through people’s windows and trying to look into their eyes and see what they understand about what he’s saying to them.  A small town is good because there’s gossip ‑‑ right? ‑‑ and there’s history, and everybody has their own story of what everything means, and they can develop their own versions.  So it’s very, very ‑‑ it’s very, very treacherous to even walk around the corner ‑‑ right? ‑‑ besides my life at home.  I have a daughter who is in high school.  So I’ve got to be really, really, really careful.  I think that that’s hopefully going to be part of the tension is it’s got to be obvious, right?  Somebody has got to know, and we are going to find out who they are and what they know and maybe what I have to do to shut them up….”  FULL ARTICLE

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