Article #9- Gale Harold Talks Murder and Good vs. Evil For TSC

Really great article done by Carina MacKenzie from I highly urge you guys to finish this. Wait, I really didn’t have to say that now did I? ~Nursey

Zap2it: Did you read the books after you got the role?

Harold: No. I’m staying with what Kevin Williamson is thinking. I’ll let him interpret and adapt as he pleases. I didn’t want to build any assumptions or make any choices based on some already established trajectory, you know? I want to be surprised like everybody else, or at least, like the people who haven’t read the books. I hope that the people that do know a lot about it will be surprised as well.

What was it about Charles that appealed to you when you read the script?

That he gets to do seemingly dangerous and bad things while covering all of that by being a charming member of society and father. He’s probably wracked with guilt and some sort of underlying revenge agenda, so it’s basically having the double-sided story that appeals to me. It was interesting to me because it would force that character to have different relationships by virtue of trying to hide or take advantage. There are always opportunities for something more.

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Article in Spanish translated by @magerit23 🙂

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