Kevin Williamson Wants Gale to be “Devlish and Delicious Again”

Audiences had their first major introduction to actor Gale Harold with the TV series Queer as Folk. Harold is next seen in The CW’s The Secret Circle (Thursday nights at 9PM), and the show’s executive producer Kevin Williamson sounds like he wants to a reminder of Brian Kinney, Harold’s QAF role.

“I want to see him be devilish and delicious again,” Williamson says in the Fall TV Double Issue of Entertainment Weekly, now on newsstands, adding that both Harold’s character of Charles Meade and Natasha Henstridge’s Dawn Chamberlain have an agenda that will get “a little bloody.”


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One response to “Kevin Williamson Wants Gale to be “Devlish and Delicious Again””

  1. Lucie says :

    Perfect choice of words: “devilish and delicious”. Me too Kev!

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