As Promised, @tbrick2’s Interview with The Secret Circle’s Gale Harold

As promised, here is Tierney Bricker’s (@tbrick2) interview with Gale Harold.

The Secret Circle’s Gale Harold Dishes on His Killer Role

…”What’s interesting about this character trying to do this job is to be convincing as what is perceived to be a decent guy. He takes care of his daughter and he seems to participate in his school, veiling all of these other things that are going on, the secrets that are happening,” Harold explained. “And conversely, playing someone who really has this pretty serious obsession with power and wants enough to try and bring it back after a horrible accident that was a result of playing around with it in the first place. People have been hurt and somehow that wasn’t enough to take me off the path. It’s interesting to try and play two very different sides within the same person.”

Harold’s main love interest on the show? Power. “It’s too seductive. The potential for the power is too seductive, I can’t let it go.”…



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