REVIEW: Gale Harold is “Favorite Character on the Show.”

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Charles in Charge

The Secret Circle. Charles in Charge.

…favorite character on the show so far, played by Gale Harold, is Charles Meade.  He’s got serious swagger; you can tell he’s King Shit around town.  He’s hot, he’s charming and he’s secretly evil, which is the best kind of evil.  If you’ve seen Queer As Folk, you understand why I love this character.  He’s basically playing Brian Kinney, except he’s a witch instead of the hottest gay manslut in the history of ever.  The expression on his face when he was killing Cassie’s mom was the same blasé nonchalance Kinney used to display while he was getting a bj in the bathroom at Club Babylon.  Even if you’re not a QAF fan, you had to love his character here – he’s going to be a very fun villain.  I think it’s great that the parents are interesting and involved in the story, unlike most teen shows which all seem to favor absentee guardians (Pretty Little Liars much?).  Charles is Diana’s dad, which only furthers my suspicion that Diana is actually the scariest member of the circle.  The apple and the tree and all that…


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