Go Vote in Wetpaint.com’s Newest Poll: Who is The Secret Circle’s Hunkiest Dad?

Do you think Diana’s dad Charles is hotter (you better!) or Adam’s dad Ethan is the sexiest?  Go vote in the poll so we can let the world know that even though Adam Harrington is eye-candy and we loved the Ethan/Charles scenes, Gale Harold is still Chance Harbor’s resident DILF (yes, I said it!).

By Wetpaint.com:

Which Secret Circle Dad Is Hunkier: Ethan Conant or Charles Meade?

by Mehera Bonner

...Ethan Conant (Adam Harrington) and Charles Meade (Gale Harold) might be in their thirties, but they’re hardly past their prime –– and now it’s time for them to face-off in an epic battle for Hunkiest Secret Circle Dad!…



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