Adam Harrington Teases Woes and New Foes (Gale mention)

Speaking of danger, there is certain someone in town who isn’t a fan of Ethan talking to the kids: Charles (Harold). In fact, Charles almost killed Ethan in the pilot for talking to Cassie (Britt Robertson) about her parents. So will Chance Harbor’s two hottest dads continue to butt heads?

“I think we will, but I think with something like that, as you saw in the pilot, when Ethan and Charles go head to head it’s pretty dramatic so I don’t mind that they haven’t gone head-to-head because you know things are just simmering,” Harrington says. “The more Charles gets kind of diluted with Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and what they’re doing and what they’re not, and now they’ve killed Nick and Ethan is supposed to realize that he has to make a decision as to whether he is going to try and drink himself away or face these things ahead of him. You just know that they’re going to go head-to-head again.”

The two actors share an interesting past, with Harrington playing a version of Harold’s iconic character Brian Kinney on Queer As Folk. I played the superhero version of Gale, I played the fictitious super-version of Gale,” Harrington says with a laugh. “Gale and I actually never met, but because of our experiences working on that show we had some acquaintances in common, it just kind of felt like an inevitability that we would meet. I think what is so much fun in this is that we were playing two different versions of the same character before and now we’re just arch-nemesis. I have a ton of fun working with him and we just kind of locked into that animosity to each other early on.”


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