Exclusive Interview With a Manwitch: Gale Harold on Magic, Evil and Charles Meade!

Thanks to  http://www.jointhesecretcircle.com we have a new interesting and intriguing interview with Gale Harold.

Alloy Entertainment: What episode are you filming?
Gale Harold: We’re just finishing up number 7.

AE: How is it going so far?
GH: I hope it’s going extremely well. I haven’t been up to Vancouver for a few days.

AE: What’s been the most exciting thing for you so far?
GH: Trying to figure out what it is that Charles Meade is trying to do and why he thinks he can get away with it.

AE: Can you give us any hints as to things he’ll get away it?
GH: Not because I don’t want to reveal anything, but what Charles is up to—whether he knows it yet or not—he can’t really get away with it. Right? He can hide it, or you can divert attention away from it, but I don’t think he can really get away it.

AE: What attracted you to this role?
GH: I think that’s basically it. It’s trying to maintain two states of mind simultaneously for yourself and for the people that are around you.

Would you say that your character is the most evil on the show?
GH: Evil is not really something that I think about too much with him. It’s much more interesting to me is not necessarily what is evil?…I think getting caught up in whether he’s evil or not is an abstraction.


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2 responses to “Exclusive Interview With a Manwitch: Gale Harold on Magic, Evil and Charles Meade!”

  1. RNGlambert (@Rainie_Ng) says :

    I’m from China. I love him and I have since qaf.He’s the defination of beautifulness. He’s to die for. there are many fans of him in China. pls let us see him every week.more scenes.

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