Vote for Gale Harold as The Ultimate TV Hunk

@JimHalterman from Jim is publishing another hunk list.  Gale always has a place on Jim’s hunk list so GO VOTE & we’ll keep it that way!

Non-Human Hunk? Villainous Hunk? Daddy Hunk? Favorite All-Time Hunk?

Jim is doing things a little differently this time, so follow instructions:

That’s it…so now just cut and paste the following list with your votes and email to me at  Remember, only one vote per email every 24 hour period. Results to be posted next week!!  Have fun deciding!!
  1. Laughing ‘Til It Hurts: (The Comedy Hunk):
  2. Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve (The Drama Hunk):
  3. Is That A Gun In Your Pocket or…. (The Crime Fighting Hunk):
  4. I Kinda Sorta Look Human (The Non-Human Hunk):
  5. New Kid On The Block (The New Hunk):
  6. A Galaxy Far, Far Away (The Sci-Fi Hunk):
  7. Doctor! Doctor! (The Medical Hunk):
  8. Like Sands Through The Hour Glass (The Daytime Hunk):
  9. I’m Super, Thanks For Asking (The Gay Hunk):
  10. So You Think You Can Host? (The Reality TV Hunk):
  11. Twisting The Knife And Lovin’ It (The Villainous Hunk):
  12. Smoldering All Around (The Hunkiest Show On TV):
  13.  Favorite All-Time Hunk:

See Jim Halterman’s ULTIMATE TV HUNK LIST blog post for full instructions and some eye-candy!

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