‘The Secret Circle’s’ Andrew Miller and Gale Harold Dish on Fall Finale and Beyond


Christi Kassity ( @christikassity) at  BuddyTV  discussed the midseason finale of  The Secret Circle with Gale Harold and the executive producer Andrew Miller (@MillerLoLife).


by Christi Kassity

I had the opportunity today to go to The CW Network where I watched the fall finale of The Secret Circle, entitled “Balcoin,” and then sat down with executive producer Andrew Miller and actor Gale Harold (Charles) to discuss what we can expect when the show returns in early 2012.

The episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, but also answered a few of our questions (as well as left us asking a whole lot more!). My lips are sealed about the bombshell that was dropped at the very end, but I won’t be silenced for long — you can see the episode in full Thursday, November 10 at 9pm on The CW.

What I can tell you is it has twists, turns, and Gale Harold looking dashing in a suit.

At the end of the episode, Andrew Miller and Gale Harold sat down for a chat.

The first thing we can count on for the return of the show in January is that Jake (played by Chris Zylka) will be returning, but Miller couldn’t say for how long he will stay.

Can Jake be trusted? 
“I think Jake would sacrifice the whole circle… It feels to me like he’s still kind of an enigma. I think the truest thing about Jake is what Faye sees in him… that he really does care for Cassie, but I don’t know where that leads him because he’s a weird guy, that Jake. Handsome, but weird” offered Miller.

You will find yourself changing your mind about him several different times throughout the final episode and will still be rendered unsure by the end of it. The problem, as Miller brought up, is the relationship dynamic between Jake and Isaac (JR Bourne). “I think there is a hold Isaac has on Jake. Isaac has a lot of confidence and I think that over the last two years their relationship has grown,” said Miller, describing the relationship as a little father/son and a little mentor/mentee, which makes it difficult for Jake to break away from, emotionally. “Isaac knows he can control him, so there is no need to kill him.”

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