The End of an Era! (Post Non-Gale Related)

Gale Fans,

I just wanted to let everyone know that our brilliant creator, Rhondra (@RPattznurse) has decided to take a step back from GaleDevotee.  She is just very busy in her real-life and has little time for blogging right now.  I will miss her terribly, as I am sure you will too.  I will be taking the reigns and trying to fill her sexy-ass shoes, so please be patient with me!  I’ve been a very active poster here, but being in charge will be new to me.

Rhondra, (@RPattznurse), myself (@Grapesmugglers) and Antonia (@Str8toN1) still share the same mission for this blog: to make/keep GaleDevotee the #1 Gale Harold Fan Blog in the US.  Sharing timely news, pictures, videos, etc. about Gale’s career and projects with his fans has brought us all a lot of joy.  Although things won’t change too drastically and you might not feel her absence, Antonia (@Str8toN1) and I will feel it sharply. GaleDevotee was her baby and she has always been fiercely protective and passionate about this blog.  We hope to keep her vision alive and will welcome her back at anytime in whatever role, big or small, she desires.




Lets give her a proper send off with a few pics of Gale I know @rpattznurse loves:

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