Vote For Brian Kinney (or Charles Meade) in AfterElton’s Top 50 Favorite TV Characters Poll

Here’s what Dennis Ayers of AfterElton writes:

It’s been almost two years since we last asked folks to name their Top 50 Favorite Gay TV Characters. We considered running that same survey again this year, but it occurred to us it made no sense to return toexactly that same well. Better to expand our focus here and ask everyone to identify their favorite TV characters regardless of gender or orientation.

Obviously, we figure that gay male characters will figure prominently on this list, many of whom were on the list two years ago. But what might add interest would be to see just how many female and straight male characters could battle it out and find placement on a list of AfterEltonites’ top 50 favorite scripted television characters of all time.

Would Lucy Ricardo find a perch? Cliff HuxtableRon SwansonWillow Rosenberg? Those boys fromSupernatural? Or would the likes of Kurt HummelCaptain Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney continue to reign supreme?


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