Fan Encounter From Gale Harold’s Interview For Extra At The Grove LA.

Marcella Luna, who also got a great picture of Gale yesterday, wrote up her experience for me!  She posted her fan encounter on her Tumblr, so make sure to leave her some love there & if you repost, give her the credit she deserves.

…I always freeze when I see Gale. It’s a very unbecoming trait of mine. He started chatting up the ladies next to me saying “I should just interview you guys. You’re all probably more interesting than me.” He made jokes and had a lot of playful sarcasm when the tourists would ask him questions. It was nice seeing him candidly. He was friendly and charming!

Throughout the interview, I just stared at his face and hands. It was honestly kind of a blur. His voice and face right there in front of me was soooo….mesmerizing…


Lucky Girl! She also had her picture taken with Gale during Orpheus Descending.

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One response to “Fan Encounter From Gale Harold’s Interview For Extra At The Grove LA.”

  1. Laura Cantrell (@JustBeAQueen2) says :

    No need to feel bad about freezing when meeting him… his presence is so powerful and intense, it’s shocking when you discover behind the intimidating gorgeous man is a sweet and shy man. I met him at the same play, got his autograph and picture as well. It was amazing to meet him and talk to him (and Scott, Michelle, and Thea are wonderful people too). It does go fast and you forget half the things you’ve said when you’re done, but you know exactly what he said… because when Gale is talking directly to you, how can you not remember everything! Had it not been for a previous appointment, I would have so been at the Grove yesterday! I can’t wait till he does another play, I’m looking forward to seeing him on stage again.

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