Another Fan Account of Seeing Gale Harold’s Interview at The Grove LA!

@verybookish wrote up an account for me of seeing Gale at The Grove LA for his Extra Interview.  Gale discusses his plans for Valentine’s Day with his ‘sweetie’ and *GASP* maybe a play this summer in Berlin!  I’ve included it in it’s entirely below.  If you repost, please credit @verybookish and GaleDevotee (@galedevotee).

On the theory that Gale was going to appear at 1pm, which was the time I had originally seen, I walked over and into “The Grove” which is Angeleno for “small outdoor mall” about noon. 
I immediately found the Extra tent – here I’d thought it would take me a while to find. No, not at all. “The Grove” was a lot smaller than I had guessed it would be. 
The Extra stage, with a canopy over it, and cameras and everything, was set up in the “street” of the mall, but no cars drive on that “street”, only pedestrians and a trolley that runs a couple blocks back and forth.
When I got there, Mario Lopez was doing a greeting again and again, and the backstage crew had corralled some passers by to be the audience and cheer for him. He was a smaller guy than I would have guessed from seeing him on TV, but then isn’t everyone in Hollywood? Yes. 
I stood on the far side of the little street, eagerly looking for Gale on the off chance he’d show up an hour early. He didn’t. 
After a bit, Mario walked away with two of the crew, and then the others drifted off here and there. 
I walked back and forth, then walked over and asked the one remaining guy when they were coming back. He said they had an interview with a celebrity at 1:30 so they’d be back by then, he said he didn’t remember who the celebrity was offhand. I said “Gale Harold?” He grinned and said that sounded familiar. I said ok, thanks. I walked around a bit, and admired the tiny fountain and tinier bridge.
At 1:30 the crew were assembling again, and then I saw Gale walk up from the south. He wasn’t wearing a hat (which I had thought he would be: it was sunny, and he wears hats a lot), but he was wearing sunglasses, and a tan-ish shirt, and I recognized him even across the street and without my glasses. 
He walked up to one of the crew (who might have been watching for him) and they shook hands. The guy held Gale’s sunglasses through the interview for him. 
They put a mic on him, like, inside his shirt, and I bounced a little closer and then he stepped up on the stage, and was talking to some of the audience people gathered behind the little stage and tent. I don’t know if they were Gale fans there just to see him the way I was, or just people passing who wanted to try to get on TV, or somewhere in between. Anyone passing by could walk up and join the space behind the stage, or leave it, any time. And lots of people were always walking up and down the “street” shopping and enjoying the sunny day and whatever. 
Anyway, I kept moving closer, watching him talk to people, and he was just beautiful and awesome and relaxed and happy. He was talking to various people and looked around and saw me and smiled at me. And then he moved and reached over the shoulder of the person in front of me to shake my hand. So cool! And I wasn’t close to the stage really, so it was kind of awkward, and a couple people turned to look at me, to see who I was that he was shaking my hand, because it was him going a little out of his way to shake my hand since I wasn’t next to the stage, and he wasn’t shaking hands with everyone who was there. He clearly recognized me and remembered meeting me before. I mean, I’m not claiming he knows me, or knows my name, but he totally remembered me, and not with a negative connotation either like “oh, that’s that crazy fan, someone call security.” SO AWESOME! 
And then I bounced away to the other side of the street and bounced up and down for a minute, I was just really excited. And I took one pic with my phone and twitted it then from far away. 
And then the woman started interviewing him, and I couldn’t hear, so I had to get closer again. Also, I was trying to take a couple pictures of him. So I moved a little closer, and a little closer. I didn’t want to be in the line of the cameras, but I kept moving closer until I was back about where I’d been before, a few people back from the stage. She was asking him about what was coming on Secret Circle, and one thing he said that I liked was that he wants to be convincing playing the father of a teenager because he doesn’t have any kids himself, and he wants that to be believable. 
She asked something about was he going to do more plays. Gale said yes, he was. She asked what? He said something like he didn’t have the freedom while he was doing the series, so he wasn’t doing anything right now. She pushed it a little more and he said he might have something coming… this summer… in Berlin. BERLIN! WTF? But that was as specific as he got. 
She asked if he ever got on fan boards or if he did twitter and connected with people that way. Gale said no, he really didn’t, and then he said he’d only tweeted like four times in his life, and those time he was tweeting himself that he should tweet more. It was funny and kind of adorably dorky. 
She asked if he had something planned for Valentine’s day for his sweetie. He said he has to work the day before Valentine’s day, and the day after, so he and his valentine sweetie are going to do something before and after, but on that day he’ll be on the computer and webcam. 
And then she said he’d brought shirts, and she held one up (it was purple). She asked something, and he said something like well, “they’re a dying style, v-neck” or something which I thought was weird since A) Brian Kinney often wore v-neck shirts, and B) I always wear v-neck shirts. She asked if he wanted to pass them out, and he said yeah, and he turned to the audience and asked who wanted one, and people put up their hands. After he’d tossed a couple I put my hand up too, and he tossed one right to me. Except for the first one they were all black (I think). Mine’s a v-neck, short sleeve, size M (I think it’s a women’s so it will probably be too small, but I don’t care), and it says Secret Circle on the front. I think there were 6 or 8. Maybe it was 10 or 12. Don’t remember. Wasn’t counting.
Anyway, that was pretty much it.
He spoke to a couple more of the fans who were right at the front of the audience, and then stepped down and the crew guy took the microphone off him and gave him back his sunglasses, and Gale and a woman, short with long blond hair, walked away down the little street going to the east, and that was it. I would guess the whole thing wasn’t more than 15 minutes, but I don’t really know since I was too busy looking at Gale to look at my watch. 
I didn’t manage to take very many pics of him. I hope it didn’t bother him that I was taking pictures of him during it. He looked AMAZING, and he sounded even better. He was (well, he seemed) super relaxed and at ease and happy. Which was AWESOME. And his short hair looked great on him. He looked great. 
Anyway, I stumbled around, trying to read the tweets people had sent me while trying to figure out where I was going, and finally found my way to the bus stop and left.

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