New Interview: Gale Harold Talks Crime and Punishment with Chevronone

A huge thank to Jennifer Griffin of  Chevronone who conducted the longest interview with Gale ever. Gale discussed  The Secrect Circle, his character Charles Meade and finally took some time to answer interesting fans’ questions.

by Jennifer Griffin

It’s 11 am in LA and I’m chatting with Gale Harold about The Secret Circle’s Charles Meade and where the show will take his character over the remaining  episodes of the current season. Initially billed as the witchy teen drama’s ‘Big Bad’ Charles has instead evolved into one of the show’s more complex and human individuals, albeit one with a couple of major misdemeanors to his name. Fans of the show will know that Charles is responsible for the deaths of both Amelia Blake and Nick Armstrong over the course of the season. In the land of TV, bad deeds rarely go unpunished for long, and I begin by asking Gale if he sees some retribution for Charles coming down the line any time soon.

“I think the most straightforward answer to that question is Charles’ retribution is to be left to be Charles, you know?” he says with a laugh. ‘Specifically? I think that something, or several things will happen. It’s just a matter of time. He’s always looking over his shoulder. Things have moved on from some loosely formed plan with Dawn to Charles being on his own. Then there’s this situation with his daughter too. If you’ve got a daughter in high school and you killed her friend’s mother …” he laughs.

“There’s always been a specific way I’ve tried to approach this show – and you may have heard this answer before – but the show is about something that’s not every day. They’re practicing something that’s outside of the social norm. I try to put my thing as close to every day reality as possible. There was all that mustache twirling, evil deed thing but that didn’t really manifest itself in the way it was originally intended to, but yes. there are definitely some things that aren’t going to be pleasant for Charles coming.”


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