Gale Harold teases ‘mad dash’ to the finale

Thanks to Sandra Gonzalez of InsideTV we have the next interview with Gale and this time it comes in one piece, fortunately not eaten by a  hungry tape recorder.

by Sandra Gonzalez
Every episode of The Secret Circle seems to deliver more twists and turns than the last. And the last new episode is no exception. Fans learned that if the Circle tracked down the six crystals, they could rid themselves of those problematic witch hunters. Where do we go from here? Well, co-star Gale Harold isn’t dropping any secrets, but he’s definitely excited for fans to find out.

“It’s sort of like a mad dash to the end of the season,” he says of tonight’s episode. “In terms of what could happen, it depends on who gets their hands on what, who can assemble the crystals and who is going to have those under their control.”

Charles (Harold), however is anything but trusting of Blackwell, especially after everything he and Dawn went experienced years ago. “They’ve been trying for years to get over that and now that he’s back, it couldn’t be a worst time. They’re dealing with their children — the next generation — and what this circle means and how they can use it as a way to survive. But, also, they’re trying to stay away from the seduction of power,” he says. “Then, Blackwell comes back into it and all bets are off. Everything that was planned or considered to be on the table has changed. So for Charles, it’s a panic attack.”


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