Rise ‘n Shine Convention is Putting Together a Queer a Folk Fan Project

We were planning on doing a Gale Harold Appreciation Fan Book, but since the Rise ‘n Shine Convention has picked up our idea, we’ll just piggy back off of them.

Here is the information:

“Queer As Folk Book Project!

We are putting together 9 books for the convention – one for each actor so they can have a special memory of the convention.

What we’re asking is that you send personal messages, drawings, photos of you and your QAF buddies, photos of you helping promote Rise n Shine, pride events, and anything else you fancy sending!

You can send special messages even if you are not attending the convention! These books will then be compiled by Talia and Sarah, and then given to the actors at the convention.

Please send your messages, photos, and anything else you want included to:


and include which actor your message/photo is for in the subject line of the email. 

If you have something you wish to be placed in all 9 book, that is fine also, just mention that in your email!”

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One response to “Rise ‘n Shine Convention is Putting Together a Queer a Folk Fan Project”

  1. Talia says :

    Thanks for posting about this for me – I’ll be sure to send you some photos of Gale’s book once I have finished creating it before I present it to him at the con. ❤
    If anyone has questions you can email them to me at that address above also! ❤

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