Gale Harold Talks Crystals, Madness, and Tornadoes of Pain

And here’s the long-awaited  interview (yes, one week is a long time ) with Gale by the writer and photorecapper Price Peterson who asked Gale awesome and hilarious questions.

Charles had one of TV’s greatest introductory scenes, but then he became a little bit of a doormat. Were you kind of disappointed when he got less scary or were you happy for the nuance?

Always happy for the nuance. It’s also structural, I think. You’ve got a lot of characters, you have multiple stories. I could be wrong about this, but if you push one character in one direction too soon, you kind of get stuck. So, I think that’s what Kevin and Andrew had in mind, and that’s what they’re doing. They’re actively destabilizing things, which for storytelling is great because you’re always cleaning up messes. And with a bunch of witches that’s a good thing, because they create a lot of messes.

So the shift gave you more of an arc for the entire season?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
As you mentioned it is a really large ensemble, but a lot of your scenes have just been one-on-ones with Natasha Henstridge. Do you even know how many hours you’ve spent in a parked car with her?

This week? Seven.

Do actors ever tease each other about their resumés? Like when you’re sitting in a parked car with Natasha Henstridge, do you ask her about Species II and does she grill you about Hal Sparks?

That hasn’t happened yet. And that’s cool.
So it’s just all business with you guys. You just get the scene done and go home?

No, we joke around a lot. We haven’t gotten into CVs yet but—

This whole season has been building up to a Charles and Blackwell showdown. Should we be expecting carnage, like a big tornado of pain to go through Chance Harbor? Or will it be something more psychological?

It’s both. Charles is definitely getting set up for a tornado of pain. That’s a great way to put it, I’m going to steal that. Yeah, that’s what’s going down for Charles. That and carnage and brain damage and public hatred. Displays of bad behavior. And just immature activity everywhere. Teenage stuff. Blackwell is a very problematic person. Very problematic.


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