Gale Harold Has Cancelled His Appearance at Rise ‘n Shine Queer as Folk Convention.

We, here at Devotee, are beyond words.  I am afraid if I comment right now, I’ll say something I might regret.  I’ll just link you to the comment on the Rise ‘n Shine Facebook page.  Here is part of Gale Harold’s message:

… A wonderful work opportunity has only recently come my way and unfortunately the scheduling of that project does not allow me the time to come to Cologne and join you. This disappoints me just as much as I fear it will disappoint many of you. I hope you will all understand and forgive my absence…

Read all of Gale’s message

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7 responses to “Gale Harold Has Cancelled His Appearance at Rise ‘n Shine Queer as Folk Convention.”

  1. Angie F. says :

    I feel very sorry for those who bought tickets primariy to see Gale. I understand they are very upset, and I hope they can be refunded for their troubles. It is so heartbreaking, and infuriating, when this happens.

    I hadn’t bought a ticket, being I can never afford to go places like that even when I save, so I can only sympathize. But being I wasn’t affected by these events, my first reaction was joy. I feel bad for it now, but I was so glad to read that he’s getting more work. Especially since TSC was cancelled. I imagine, too, that the cancellation is the reason this has happened in the first place. I’m still happy he’s back to working, but it’s kinda mixed now. I’m so sorry for you guys. I hope everything works out so that everyone gets a happy ending, or something close. 😦

  2. Heather says :

    I’m not attending the convention but I still think that the last minute cancelation was unforgivable. I would be more understanding if he were ditching the convention for a huge role in a successful television show or a mainstream movie but we all know that this work opportunity is most likely another movie that will never see the light of day or another TV show that will get canceled after it’s first season! His career is laughable at this point and it seems that he has forgotten where he came from. Queer as Folk and it’s fans made him! I’m still wondering just why he has “devotees” here on this site when it’s quite obvious that he, himself, is NOT devoted to his fans.

    • Mommy's Lil MonsterAmanda says :

      Wow, that is an INCREDIBLY bitchy comment. His career is “laughable” and his work will be “another movie that will never see the light of day”? Actors have no say in what TV shows make it and which don’t, or the post-production entanglements that come up from many films that aren’t done by major studios. I’m a filmmaker and I’ve seen films get caught up in legal bullshit, post-production woes, budget constraints and more for years before their release— Hell, “The Cabin in the Woods” was in limbo for two years before it got to come out. Furthermore, are you Gale’s agent? Are you his best friend? No? Then how the HELL do you know what kind of ‘work’ he’s doing that is keeping him from attending the con? How do you know it isn’t an audition for a main character of a show, or a major film? How do you know he isn’t doing a screen test for an exciting new project? You don’t know shit, you’re going off a brief message and your own butthurt. You weren’t even planning to attend the con so his absence won’t affect you one way or another. It’s mighty easy to look down from the high horse you sit on.

    • Britney. says :

      i’m sorry, but that is a very fucking rude thing to say. gale is devoted to his fans, but work had gotten in the way. whether its a movie that gets shown in the theatres or put on the shelves, it doesn’t matter. once an actor gets a role, they are commited to it. yes queer as folk ‘made’ him, and the fans helped, but if ‘fans’ brought tickets just to see gale, they aren’t fans of the show. i love gale, just as much as the next fan, and if i had brought a ticket, i would be more then disappointed not to see him. but there is still the other main actors showing up. by the letter, you could tell that gale feels so sorry, but he is an actor, and if he needs to play a role on this specific month, he will.

  3. Louise Spencer says :

    good luck Gale. Never mind what any one says. Work is more important

  4. emac says :

    I get really awestruck when I see comments that are so rude and unforgiving about gales’ inablilty to attend. In all things……..besides family, my priory it work. If he has a job opportunity, than he has focus on that. Let’s face if folks, he’s human just like the rest of us, he still farts in bed and still has to pay the bills. I say those naysayers, who have been able to take vacation time to go, yes, it’s dissapointing, but grow the heck up. Stuff happens…..there are dissapointments in life….in the whole scheme of things, Someone not being able to attend a show in Germany……kinda low on the scale of importance really!

  5. Lindsey says :

    I know my comments will upset a lot of Gale Harold fans but I would really like to get this off my chest.

    If you read or watch interviews with Gale Harold his dismissiveness and disdain for his fans is pretty obvious (I actually believe he is more rude and more condescending than Randy Harrison, if that’s possible). QAF fans who loved him as Brian Kinney have been looking forward to this convention for a long, long time. His fans both here and Germany paid good money and made arrangements to be at this convention just to meet him – but too bad for them that something better came along for Mr. Harold.

    Has anyone read his “apology”? Talking at length about the “brothers and sisters” he has touched and the lives he has changed? This from a man who now leaves QAF off of his biography? It was all just a tad self-serving and a more than a little bit self-aggrandizing.

    I find it hard to believe that so many people want to defend him when he has flipped his fans off … yet again.

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