POLL: What do you think of Gale Harold’s Cancelation of his Appearance at the Rise ‘n Shine Convention.

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7 responses to “POLL: What do you think of Gale Harold’s Cancelation of his Appearance at the Rise ‘n Shine Convention.”

  1. Cassie Do says :

    I am very disappointed by the Gale’s cancellation of his appearance at the Rise‘n Shine Convention. I looked forward this moment but i understand Gale and support him in his choice. He is a great actor and i hope that his new project will be as high as his expectations.
    Good luck Gale and see you soon on screen ♥♥♥

  2. Galine says :

    Je suis une grande Fan de Gale, et bien sur qu’il est regrettable pour tous ses Fans qu’il ne soit pas présent à la Convention de Shine Rise’n, mais on ne peut le blâmer et moi, Fan Absolue je lui souhaite un projet à la hauteur de son talent…et dieu sait qu’il en a….Que voulons nous pour lui ?!! …perso, je veux qu’il soit heureux, et qu’il me fasse rêver ….comme il le fait déjà….
    Bonne chance à Gale, vous êtes quelqu’un d’exceptionnel

  3. Galine says :

    I am a big fan of Gale, and of course it is unfortunate for all its fans that it is not present at the Convention Rise’n Shine, but you can not blame him and I wish him Absolute Fan a project at the height of his talent … and god knows he has …. What do we want for him?! Personal … I want him to be happy, and I want to continue to dream in front of him
    Good luck to you, Gale, you are an exceptional

  4. cher says :

    I understand the disappointment, but these things happen. He seemed excited to go and I think he sounded disappointed as well. It is so wonderful that he found a job, especially since his series just got canceled. Imagine you were unemployed, and you booked a short trip to Europe in the summer. Then you found a great job but they told you that you could not have the job if you took the trip to Europe. What would you do? Put yourself in his shoes instead of spewing so much vitriol at him.

  5. ana says :

    Maybe he’s won the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. That would be what happens when fandoms collide!

  6. April says :

    I am disappointed that Gale will be unable to attend the con. I believe he did want to go and his apology is sincere. Sometimes schedules and timing just do not work out and it could of have happened to any cast member. I wish Gale success in his new film role.

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