Another Pic of Gale at Sundance

Here we have another pic of  Gale from the Sundance Labs titled “brunch”.

SOURCE:  Sundance  Institute

3 responses to “Another Pic of Gale at Sundance”

  1. ann says :

    Well the Sundance Institute is hosting both Gay Pride Month and Starting the Summer Film Series program at the same time. Maybe Gale is attending both. And/or the film Shoplifter of the World is being filmed there in Col. since the book has Denver as the locale.

    • Liberty says :

      There is another pic on the Sundance page. It shows Gale sitting in a workshop with Gyula Gazdag working through the script of the movie A Chjana. Guess, taking part in Kijak’s movie was just a rumor.

  2. ana says :

    unfortunately it is not a movie, but a 12 minute short. Mayb they’ll get funding for a feature one day 🙂

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