About this Fandom



4 responses to “About this Fandom”

  1. Louise Spencer says :

    i love this site just as much as i love Gale. I have only just found him and i dont intend to ever let him go. i am in the process of watching everything he has ever done.

  2. Saad says :

    love u GALE.. every day i watch a part of QAF scene… it appears i am addicted to “brian kinney” and want to see more and more of you…

  3. Saad says :

    I am big fan of yours. Big as in Really BIG 😉

    Recently i began watching QAF i have already seen series thrice in span of 2 week… 😉

    It appear i am addicted to you and your role as Brian Kinney in QAF. u simply rock.
    Though i am normal ich weiss nicht why i want to keep watching you.. i feel something missing if i dnt see you/brian kinney….

    wann bin ich alien ich denkst uber sie..

    I just want to wish you ….yOu ReMaiN FoReVEr YoUnG…… 😉

  4. potato says :

    totally loving this site!!! thanks for your hard work!

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