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Natasha Henstridge talks on working with Gale Harold

Natasha Henstridge who played Dawn Chamberlain in TSC talks about Gale Harold in her recent interview for myFanbase.  Here’s a part of what she said about Gale:

Most of your scenes were with Gale Harold. Were you familiar with his work before? What is he like and what is it like to work with him? 

I was not familiar with Gale, although that’s not saying much, I’m one of the worst people in Hollywood for knowing who’s who and what they’ve been in, terrible thank goodness for IMDB. Gale is a very interesting man, he is a lover of the arts in all forms I think he actually went to art school in San Francisco and came into acting quite late in his mid thirties I believe. I always joke that I need a translator when I’m talking to him, he makes a lot of obscure references about many different things including music and always totally assumes you know what he’s talking about, so you just see people looking at each other quizzically! He is very warm and kind and really dedicated to his craft though! I loved working with him.


What Could Have Been: Charles Meade’s Fate in Season 2

Sadly, an interview was released from executive producer Andrew Miller just before the CW’s announcement that the witchy series was cancelled.  Worse than the cancellation and prospect that we won’t get to see Gale on our TV, this just killed me! Second-season-Charles sounds amazing.  Unfortunately, these plans won’t come to fruition, but it is a nice vision.

“…what I’d been waiting for — Gale Harold unleashed. “You and me. We were so desperate to show consequences and responsibility, and for him to be an out-and-out bad guy, and a dad, and a guy who brought Cassie, which was so hard to do thematically. It may have taken a long time, but it feels like we can reset his character a little bit more,” Miller said. “He’s so good at being bad, we just needed to give him enough reason to go that way…”


“Charles Gets What’s Coming to Him” In The Secret Circle Finale!!!

Carina MacKenzie spoke with Andrew Miller, The Secret Circle executive producer, and he gave some insight into tonight’s Season 1 Finale “Family”.  Charles is mentioned quite a bit in this interview so we are hoping rumors are true and we get a Gale-heavy episode.

“…Charles display varying degrees of weakness and strength this year, and now, as tensions in town reach a climactic finish…”


HQ SCREEN CAPS of Gale Harold in The Secret Circle 1.21 “Prom”.

Sorry for the delay my darling Devotees!

There are tons of these; it was a Gale-heavy episode.

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Saveable Caps Below

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TSC Preview of the Charles & Diana Scene from Episode 1.21 “Prom”

The CW has released a new video from episode 1.21 of The Secret Circle, “Prom”, that will air on May 3rd. Charles and Diana share a touching “father” daughter moment (SPOILER ALERT!)


HD Screen Caps of Gale from TSC 1.20 “Traitor”

Below are awesome screen caps of Gale from TSC last episode “Traitor”.  Have to admit that the punching scene is my favorite scene of Charles so far.


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New Screen Cap of Gale from TSC Season Finale

The CW has released images from The Secret Circle season finale “Family” which airs on May 10th. Below is a  gorgeous new screen cap of Gale.


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