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Gale Harold Autograph

Rise ‘n Shine have announced that Gale has sent them back his autographed pictures. For those who were in Cologne in June and had a Woody´s, Diner or Loft Ticket, the autographed picture will be sent to them by paying 7 Euros for shipment via paypal or banktransfer.

For those who haven’t been to Cologne or had only the Babylon or half-day ticket, they can purchase the autograph together with the official t-shirt of the convention, or the teddy with the following links:



Gale Finally Has His Rise ‘n Shine Convention Fanbook.

Elke Kri, the organizer of the Rise ‘n Shine Convention, posted on Facebook that Gale picked up his fanbook.  The book was compiled by Sarah a (@sazzzzy) with fan-appreciation submissions.  Each member of the cast received one & Scott, gracious as usual, agreed to make sure Gale got his.

FINALLY: Some of Our Photographs from the Rise ‘n Shine Convention.

FINALLY: Rise ‘n Shine Queer as Folk Convention (in Cologne, Germany) pictures!

All the photos were take by either @grkabrs (@scottdevotee) or myself (@grapesmugglers/@galedevotee).

My partner-in-crime (@Str8ton1) has yet to post hers, so stay tuned…

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Saveable gallery below:

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POLL: What do you think of Gale Harold’s Cancelation of his Appearance at the Rise ‘n Shine Convention.

Gale Harold Has Cancelled His Appearance at Rise ‘n Shine Queer as Folk Convention.

We, here at Devotee, are beyond words.  I am afraid if I comment right now, I’ll say something I might regret.  I’ll just link you to the comment on the Rise ‘n Shine Facebook page.  Here is part of Gale Harold’s message:

… A wonderful work opportunity has only recently come my way and unfortunately the scheduling of that project does not allow me the time to come to Cologne and join you. This disappoints me just as much as I fear it will disappoint many of you. I hope you will all understand and forgive my absence…

Read all of Gale’s message

HQ Rise’n Shine Photo of Gale

Guys, you’ve already seen this pic some posts ago and on facebook but I really can’t help publishing the larger version of it, since we all agree how hot Gale is in this pic. (please forgive my fangirling moment). As Elke Kriebel explained this pic was taken especially for the Rise ‘n Shine convention. It’s a part of the promotional pics of the 9 actors. Enjoy Gale in his full gorgeousness!


Exclusive interview with Gale Harold about the QAF Con Rise’n Shine 2012

Nicole Oebel of the German site myFanbase has interviewed Gale Harold about the upcoming “Queer As Folk” convention in Cologne. Here’s a part of what he said. The full interview is available on their site.

2. Did some time have to pass for you to want to appear all 9 of you in public and enjoy looking back together?

I know that for me the time that has passed has given me the distance to look back clearly. I was too close and needed some perspective.

3. Are you looking forward to discuss your character and maybe explore how you feel about your storylines from a more distant point of view now?


4. How does it feel to know that 6 years after the show there are so many people dying to see all you guys together again?

It’s both very humbling and flattering.