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Screencaps of Gale Harold’s NightItaCon Panel

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Saveable gallery pics under cut.

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Gale Harold Makes an “It Gets Better” Video.

At the After Elton Hot 100 Party, Gale made an “It Gets Better” for struggling teens.


ETA: HD Screencaps!  Looking good Mr. Harold.

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HD Screen caps of Gale Harold in 1.19 “Crystal”

Here are oodles of stills of Charles in TSC episode 1.19 “Crystal” .

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Funny Photo Recap of “Medallion”

Here’s a funny photo recap of the latest TSC episode “Medallion” by the writer Price Peterson (@pricepeterson)



TONS of Gale Harold Screen Caps from Ep 1.10 “Darkness” of The Secret Circle

Since we were gifted such a Gale-heavy episode, there are over 1600 screen caps.  The are all HQ, saveable:

Time to get of my car, woman!

Don't look at me like that, Mom!

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New Pics Of Gale Harold In “Darkness”

The CW has released several images from the January 5 return episode of The Secret Circle. The episode is called “Darkness.”


SCREEN CAPS of Gale Harold in the The Secret Circle Featurette Video Interview

Source | thanks to @tn80 for the tip

Enjoy my darlings! All HQ, huge, and right-click-savable!

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