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New Low Fidelity Trailer with Gale Harold!

Devon Gummersall, the director for Gale’s film Low Fidelity, posted a new video for the movie.



Gale Harold Makes an “It Gets Better” Video.

At the After Elton Hot 100 Party, Gale made an “It Gets Better” for struggling teens.


ETA: HD Screencaps!  Looking good Mr. Harold.

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New Video with Gale

We have a new video by Shirley Petchprapa called “On the Way”,  starring Gale Harold.

“The proverbial hamster wheel of thought, running away from thoughts known and unknown to destinations undetermined. running, even when you have no idea where you are going…”

To view the video, CLICK HERE

Source: Vimeo

“Rehab” Reel w/ Gale Harold

Many thanks to Kinwad who gave us a permission to post the reel of  “Rehab” and to Ligiaelena  who captured this gorgeous pic of Gale.

TSC Preview of the Charles & Diana Scene from Episode 1.21 “Prom”

The CW has released a new video from episode 1.21 of The Secret Circle, “Prom”, that will air on May 3rd. Charles and Diana share a touching “father” daughter moment (SPOILER ALERT!)


Some Gale Harold Soccer VIDEOS to Get You Ready!

I figured in preparation for Saturday’s Gale-appearance, I’d post last year’s videos. 

This one is all of StellaDallas’s videos edited into one looooooooooooooooong (almost 1/2 hour) video.  Enjoy!


This one is of Joe McEnroe scoring a goal, but Gale makes an adorable appearance!


All information about this event can be found here.