QAF FanFiction

Not many stories presently, but let us support the imagination of the writers that are dedicated to bring you great stories in the world of Queer as Folk! CLICK AND GIVE THEM SOME LOVE.

or check out Community Live Journal (lots of Brian/Justin fanfic)

2 responses to “QAF FanFiction”

  1. jUST MERYEM (@orengeroses) says :

    I miss you brian .Imiss you justin.Imiss you queer as folk .

    • Dianne Eubanks says :

      I found QaF for the first time two weeks ago with newly uploaded five seasons on YouTube. I am addicted to the poignent love story of Brian and Justin, but I was so disappointed in the ending of season 5… The writers should have done better to give Brian and Justin a better ending. There are thousands of us new viewers out here who wish there could be one more episode to tie up all the loose ends of their love story to give us a more satisfactory conclusion… to leave it with them apart from each other, well, that was cruel to the fans who invested so much time and emotional energy watching these lovers. Please make things happen at Rise ‘n Shine in Germany next month so there can be one more!!! Yes, Brian and Justin, we will miss being involved in your lives!!

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