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Video Interview with The Secret Circle’s Adam Harrington Discussing Gale Harold/Charles Meade

Thanks to Danielle Turchiano, from LA TV Insider Examiner, who interview Adam about his character Ethan.  Adam also speculates about his character’s past with Gale’s Charles Meade.

Official Synopsis for Episode #1 of The Secret Circle

Dreadcentral.com has released the official synopsis of the first episode of The Secret Circle (plus an interview with Natasha Henstridge)!

“…Charles Meade (Gale Harold, “Queer as Folk,” “Desperate Housewives”) has plans of his own for the group…”  FULL ARTICLE

You are Going to Love Gale Harold’s Charles Meade on The Secret Circle!

Wetpaint.com reports that executive producer Andrew Miller spoke with Zap2it.com about the charismatic, yet murderous Charles Meade.

Charles Meade (Gale Harold) might commit murder and arson all within the first few minutes of The Secret Circle premiere, but aside from his villainous hobbies, he’s totally lovable!  FULL ARTICLE

SPOILERS: Gale Harold Dishes About Evil Charles Meade

Secret Circle Spoiler! Gale Harold Spills on Charles Meade’s Sinister Tendencies

 by Mehera Bonner at WetPaint.com

…There must be some reason Charles wanted to kill off Amelia –– a dangerous liaison gone awry, perhaps? Gale says, “I really have no sense that there was or wasn’t a romantic connection between Charles and Amelia. I think that’s part of what he’s up to, is hiding it…. At the same time, he is a father, and he does have a daughter that he loves and wants to protect from even the simplest things. He’ll say to her, ‘Don’t look at that; it’s going to make you upset.’ Meanwhile, he’s burning someone’s house down.”

So how does Daddy Meade’s innocent daughter and Secret Circle member, Diana (Shelley Hennig), deal with her pop’s wild side? She’s totally clueless! “Diana is very sweet,” Charles says, “She just wants everyone to be part of the team.”


ARTICLE: Will Gale Harold Make Us Love His Evil Character?

Thanks to Carina MacKenzie @cadlymack at Zap2it.com

‘The Secret Circle’ preview: Will Gale Harold make us love the bad guy?

…we have Gale Harold as Charles Meade. It’s no secret that in the first scene of the series, Charles kills his old friend Amelia… who happens to be Cassie’s mother. You can see bits and pieces of the tense scene in the above preview. It left us wondering, though — after such a violent introduction to the character, will the audience ever like him?…


You can also see the ‘Destiny Is Not Easy To Run From’ Secret Circle preview video with the article.