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Gale Harold Shares Some Spoilers for Season 1 of The Secret Circle

Wetpaint.com interviewed Gale Harold and Chris Zylka about what’s coming up this season on The Secret Circle.

…Charles has already offed Cassie’s mother, poor possessed Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter), and put Cassie’s grandmother on the path to permanent confusion, we asked Gale if he thinks Charles has a conscience.

“I think it’s not so much about conscience but...


Positive Mention of Gale in The Secret Circle Article

BuzzSugar.com has written a review of the Secret Circle pilot:

Pilot Scoop: The Secret Circle

…Where it works: The pilot is deliciously creepy, thanks to a mysterious villain on the scene (Gale Harold). The show also does a good job of setting up an interesting story that seems to have a lot of potential. Plus it’s great to see the endearing Robertson back on her own show after Life Unexpected was canceled…  READ MORE

New Article with Special Mention of Gale Harold in The Secret Circle.

Thanks to @my2cats for the heads up!
‘The Secret Circle’ and ‘Ringer’ Full Trailers: Get the Whole Story 

…the show may finally break the CW curse of not knowing what to do with the adults, as Gale Harold’s character looks positively evil and manipulative…

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