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Heroin TV Reacts to the Secret Circle Pilot

Thoughts on The Secret Circle pilot:

…Gale Harold was chilling and yet also smoldering…  He was pretty much my favorite part of the pilot. He plays Diana’s dad, and I really can’t wait to learn more about all the parents, and what happened 16 years ago. Crazy dangerous stuff went down, and it changed these people’s lives forever. I’m all about the older generation at the moment. Love it!…


and thanks as per usual to @tn80 for the heads up.  She is a dear friend and angel!

More Positive Reactions to Gale in the Secret Circle Pilot.

@dieslaughing, a Vampire Diaries fan and the American half of Vampire-Diaries.net, watched the Secret Circle Pilot & tweeted her reactions.  I must say, the last tweet is my favorite!



Executive Producers of the Secret Circle talk to DreadCentral.com about casting & characters.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Kevin Williamson, Andrew Miller, and Richard Hatem Talk The Secret Circle

“…Gale Harold’s character] – he’s a lawyer, he’s an upstanding person in this town, he loves his daughter, he loves her more than anything. And the mythology goes deep.”…


Kevin Williamson Discusses How True the Series Will Be to the Novels

Comic-Con: Will The Secret Circle Series Stay True to the Novels?

Jul 24, 2011
by Natalie Abrams

Fans of L.J. Smith‘s The Secret Circle novels will be pleased to learn that elements of her trilogy will live on in the new CW series. But just like with The Vampire Diaries, the producers have taken liberties in the show’s creation…


The Secret Circle cast & crew has many great things to say about Gale at Comic-Con

@JimHalterman (The Futon Critic) did a six part interview with the cast and crew of The Secret Circle at Warner Brothers San Diego Comic-Con.  He has uploaded all the videos to his site. Although Gale was not there, the rest of the cast had some wonderful things to say about him; I have included the links below of the interviews that discuss Gale Harold/Charles Meade.

New Trailer for The Secret Circle

We get a few glimpses of malevolent Gale Charles Meade in this brand spankin’ new commercial for the Secret Circle.


Exclusive: Check Out the New Trailer for CW’s The Secret Circle

Jul 20, 2011
by Natalie Abrams

What is the secret of The Secret Circle?

That’s the question raised in the new trailer for the upcoming CW series, which will debut at the Warner Bros. Comic-Con booth this week…

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