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Another Fan Account of Seeing Gale Harold’s Interview at The Grove LA!

@verybookish wrote up an account for me of seeing Gale at The Grove LA for his Extra Interview.  Gale discusses his plans for Valentine’s Day with his ‘sweetie’ and *GASP* maybe a play this summer in Berlin!  I’ve included it in it’s entirely below.  If you repost, please credit @verybookish and GaleDevotee (@galedevotee).

On the theory that Gale was going to appear at 1pm, which was the time I had originally seen, I walked over and into “The Grove” which is Angeleno for “small outdoor mall” about noon. 
I immediately found the Extra tent – here I’d thought it would take me a while to find. No, not at all. “The Grove” was a lot smaller than I had guessed it would be. 
The Extra stage, with a canopy over it, and cameras and everything, was set up in the “street” of the mall, but no cars drive on that “street”, only pedestrians and a trolley that runs a couple blocks back and forth.
When I got there, Mario Lopez was doing a greeting again and again, and the backstage crew had corralled some passers by to be the audience and cheer for him. He was a smaller guy than I would have guessed from seeing him on TV, but then isn’t everyone in Hollywood? Yes. 
I stood on the far side of the little street, eagerly looking for Gale on the off chance he’d show up an hour early. He didn’t. 
After a bit, Mario walked away with two of the crew, and then the others drifted off here and there. 
I walked back and forth, then walked over and asked the one remaining guy when they were coming back. He said they had an interview with a celebrity at 1:30 so they’d be back by then, he said he didn’t remember who the celebrity was offhand. I said “Gale Harold?” He grinned and said that sounded familiar. I said ok, thanks. I walked around a bit, and admired the tiny fountain and tinier bridge.
At 1:30 the crew were assembling again, and then I saw Gale walk up from the south. He wasn’t wearing a hat (which I had thought he would be: it was sunny, and he wears hats a lot), but he was wearing sunglasses, and a tan-ish shirt, and I recognized him even across the street and without my glasses. 
He walked up to one of the crew (who might have been watching for him) and they shook hands. The guy held Gale’s sunglasses through the interview for him. 
They put a mic on him, like, inside his shirt, and I bounced a little closer and then he stepped up on the stage, and was talking to some of the audience people gathered behind the little stage and tent. I don’t know if they were Gale fans there just to see him the way I was, or just people passing who wanted to try to get on TV, or somewhere in between. Anyone passing by could walk up and join the space behind the stage, or leave it, any time. And lots of people were always walking up and down the “street” shopping and enjoying the sunny day and whatever. 

Fan Encounter From Gale Harold’s Interview For Extra At The Grove LA.

Marcella Luna, who also got a great picture of Gale yesterday, wrote up her experience for me!  She posted her fan encounter on her Tumblr, so make sure to leave her some love there & if you repost, give her the credit she deserves.

…I always freeze when I see Gale. It’s a very unbecoming trait of mine. He started chatting up the ladies next to me saying “I should just interview you guys. You’re all probably more interesting than me.” He made jokes and had a lot of playful sarcasm when the tourists would ask him questions. It was nice seeing him candidly. He was friendly and charming!

Throughout the interview, I just stared at his face and hands. It was honestly kind of a blur. His voice and face right there in front of me was soooo….mesmerizing…


Lucky Girl! She also had her picture taken with Gale during Orpheus Descending.

2 More Fan Encounters with Gale Harold during the YPF.

Here are two more fan reports we’ve found. Thanks to the wise, wise Grkabrs & @minimalpeach for the heads-up.

Thanks so much to Ryosato. The credit is all hers, we’re just giving you the map to get there.

Like a Dog in Space

I saw Gale, Randy, Peter, and Scott in one place and managed not to explode!

If people want more details on the content of the play, or intelligent thoughts on Gale’s acting, I’ll totally provide it. Right now, however, I am having way too much of a fangirl attack to even attempt it. So instead, here’s some squee!READ MORE

Another Gale-squee experience!!

I went one more time to the play to see Gale today, it was the last showing. (Next weekend the theater does a different set of plays, Gale was only in this one.) I went with two friends, but I’m leaving out what their experiences with Gale were, because they’re more private than me; I have to squeeeee... READ MORE

PHOTO & Twitter Fan Encounter with Gale & Cast of QaF lastnight!

Thanks so much to @Marcelles_cool for tweeting this and to @GaleHaroldFan for breaking this fabulous story.  I blow both of you kisses!

Fan Marcelles_Cool & Gale Harold

You can also go read Marcelles_Cool’s full report on her Tumblr page.

*for those not familiar with twitter, it is best to read from the bottom up.

Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan all still friends. And it was soooo cool to meet them all at once. Especially Gale’s gorgeous face, of course. 🙂
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan Randy had left at this point, but the rest of them all said bye to me and left together. It’s so cool to know that they’re
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan Finally I went up to Gale. I was so nervous, but he saw so nice and put me at ease. We talked, hugged and took a picture!
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan them. They were all really sweet and gracious and talked to me for a few minutes, except Randy who seemed uninterested.
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan walked up to them. I talked to each of the cast members indiviually, telling them what a fan I was and how happy I was to see
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan Afterwards, he came out and talked to them all, as well as some other people. Finally, I mustered up all my courage and
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan and sounded gorgeous, as usual. I noticed that he looked out into the crowd and smiled slightly when he saw the cast. 🙂
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan the intermission. They were all talking to eachother os I didn’t want to interrupt. Finally Gales play started and he looked
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan It was Scott Lowell, Peter Paige, Randy Harrison, and Michelle Clunie all sitting together! I sort of watched them throughout
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@GaleHaroldFan I came to the theater late, so I didn’t see the audience. As soon as the second play ended I saw the people in front of me.
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
@galeharoldfan I went to the play tonight also. I met the whole QAF cast, including Gale. I’d love to tel you about it!
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
I just saw the face of God. His name is Gale Harold.
Marcelles_coolMarcelle Luna
I’m in the presence of the entire cast of Queer as Folk right now. So exciting!