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What Could Have Been: Charles Meade’s Fate in Season 2

Sadly, an interview was released from executive producer Andrew Miller just before the CW’s announcement that the witchy series was cancelled.  Worse than the cancellation and prospect that we won’t get to see Gale on our TV, this just killed me! Second-season-Charles sounds amazing.  Unfortunately, these plans won’t come to fruition, but it is a nice vision.

“…what I’d been waiting for — Gale Harold unleashed. “You and me. We were so desperate to show consequences and responsibility, and for him to be an out-and-out bad guy, and a dad, and a guy who brought Cassie, which was so hard to do thematically. It may have taken a long time, but it feels like we can reset his character a little bit more,” Miller said. “He’s so good at being bad, we just needed to give him enough reason to go that way…”


Gale Harold Hints at How Season 1 of The Secret Circle Will End.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

‘The Secret Circle’: Gale Harold Teases ‘Shocking’ Blackwell Reveal, Finale Predicaments

“…Harold addressed what the reveal of the Blackwell child will mean for everyone in town, calling the development “shocking. 

“It stabilizes these kids. Everything that they know is going to be complicated by this fact. Does that mean that they’re unable to do what they’re trying to do that is absolutely evil? The revelation is going to wreck everybody,”…”


UPDATE: Gale’s Interview Will Be Aired on Extra!

It has been confirmed that Gale’s interview on Extra will be on TV, but we have no exact date/time yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we know, hopefully today! Please remember this interview is open to the public if you’ll be in the LA area today.

CONFIRMED: Gale Harold WILL BE Interviewed on Extra TV Tomorrow at The Grove in LA!

We have it from an extremely reliable (yet anonymous) source that Gale Harold will DEFINITELY be interviewed by Extra TV at The Grove in Los Angeles at 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, February 9, 2012.  If you are in the LA area, you can attend, Extra would appreciate a crowd for their cameras!  Click on theThe Grove link above for location, etc.


Shelley Hennig Also Chatted with The Hollywood Reporter About What is Coming Up for Diana & her TV Dad.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Shelley Hennig and she discusses Diana’s future, including her interactions with her Daddy Witch Charles (Gale Harold).  You can read Gale’s recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter HERE.

“…to explore Diana and Charles, especially because Charles is so opposite of Diana from what we’ve seen. It would be interesting…”


Shelley Hennig (Diana) Tells TVLine.com She Loves Working with Gale Harold

TVLine.com chatted with Shelley Hennig about what’s coming up on The Secret Circle for Diana as well as her TV dad Charles (Gale Harold).

“… there’s more Diana in Charles, and maybe there’s more Charles in Diana? I don’t know. I really do hope that they explore that. I love working with Gale [Harold].”