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New Photo (UNTAGGED) of Gale at the Young Playwrights Festival

Thanks Merrily for sharing.  Please do not repost w/o permission per the photographer’s request.  Merrily was kind enough to let us un-tag this so please give her all due credit if reposting.

Gale Harold at Young Playwrights Festival

New Pics of Gale at YPF

Thanks to our Russian Sister Site, there are a lot of new pics of Gale in Like a Dog in Space & at the Young Playwrights Festival.

I must mention the shiny, shiny hair...

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Full Review of Gale Harold & Like a Dog in Space

Stella_Dallas has graciously reviewed Like a Dog in Space.

Like a Dog in Space

The Play

I noticed that no one has actually discussed the play, so I thought I’d make an attempt. Other attendees, please feel free to correct me if anything went over my jet-lagged head. 

In real life, the Russians sent a number of stray female dogs and some other animals into space; many died, most notably Laika, the first animal to orbit Earth in 1957READ MORE

2 More Fan Encounters with Gale Harold during the YPF.

Here are two more fan reports we’ve found. Thanks to the wise, wise Grkabrs & @minimalpeach for the heads-up.

Thanks so much to Ryosato. The credit is all hers, we’re just giving you the map to get there.

Like a Dog in Space

I saw Gale, Randy, Peter, and Scott in one place and managed not to explode!

If people want more details on the content of the play, or intelligent thoughts on Gale’s acting, I’ll totally provide it. Right now, however, I am having way too much of a fangirl attack to even attempt it. So instead, here’s some squee!READ MORE

Another Gale-squee experience!!

I went one more time to the play to see Gale today, it was the last showing. (Next weekend the theater does a different set of plays, Gale was only in this one.) I went with two friends, but I’m leaving out what their experiences with Gale were, because they’re more private than me; I have to squeeeee... READ MORE